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We’re Calling A Snow Day!


After much consideration (hah!), we’ve decided that it’s going to be a snow day for Sheepshead Bites. Like the rest of you, we have a mountain of snow in front of our homes to deal with, and we’re going to treat ourselves to some hot chocolate afterwards.

Of course, we may have some posts up here and there. And if you’ve got any breaking news for us, call or text (347) 985-0633 or e-mail nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

Don’t forget to send us any photos of the snow, which we’ll put together into a user gallery. Thanks!

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  1. Did anyone else notice how unprepared the city was for this storm. Kings Highway and Ocean Ave has had one truck drive by since last night. Cars are truck stuck everywhere. Can someone tell me what is going on. Did we not pay enought taxes this year?

  2. Their response was spotty. Like a fool, I was out driving back last night. BQE was a mess, whereas the Belt parkway was nicely paved. Manhattan bridge was a mess getting on the bridge, and Little Italy/Chinatown was pure madness. Getting from the Holland Tunnel to Manhattan bridge took 20 minutes since cars were spinning/sliding everywhere, and I wound up getting stuck on the BQE for 2 hours due to all of the cars getting stuck in the snow mounds. Once I hit the Belt parkway, it was smooth sailing all the way to exit 8. Even Sheepshead Bay road was fairly decent.

  3. This snow is a great case for shared municipal services – one doesn’t appreciate what government does until it stops doing that.

    Of course, one could hire private services instead. Anyone up for collection to clean Voorhies Ave. and Knapp St.? Those are the only ones I care about, so don’t bother me with Ave. Z and such.

  4. Ned, feel free to grab photos from my facebook album. I’ve taken shots of Avenue X from McDonald to Ocean Pkwy, and I counted at least nine transit buses stuck, abandoned, blocking intersections, and plenty more abandoned cars.
    There is a DSNY plow/salt truck unable to get through due to all those abandoned cars and buses. I was able to help my neighbor move his car from blocking the entrance to Rite Aid into the lot and park it there, but there’s just so many others blocking the intersections and lanes.

  5. Totally snowed in. E16th street is blocked by snow. I took some pics, but one person dug out and drove away. I’ve seen no plows.


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