Welcome to Bethesda

A piece in New York Magazine’s real estate section has a flattering review of our neighborhood: price-per-square-foot is comparatively low to other spots in Brooklyn, more people want to open restaurants here, and it all looks a lot like Bethesda, MD. Wait, what?

Taking a quick look at the real estate market in Bethesda and you’ll find similar houses (at slightly lower prices). But I was curious about what other ways we might compare to that suburb of Washington, DC. In the past few years, Bethesda has been listed as the most highly-educated town in America, the #11 top-earning town, and one of the top three most livable cities. Oh yeah, and the #1 best place to find hot guys.

But do they have a combination flower shop and bar, Coffee the train man, or wild parrots? And really fantastic neighbors, including Roy Nathanson, who has a nice Q&A at the end of the NY Mag article where he says he wants to see more “public space where people can sit” in the neighborhood.