Weiner's Anthrax Foe A 11235 Resident

The nut that sent Congressman Anthony Weiner an envelope full of powder hailed from the Sheepshead Bay area, officials said. Investigators on the case tracked the letter’s postal history back to the 11235 area code, which includes Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach. But they’re still searching for the culprit that sent the envelope complete with a block-lettered, unsigned tirade about the congressman’s pro-health care reform vote.

The letter was received by Weiner’s Kew Gardens, Queens, office on March 25. Its arrival spurred a two-day decontamination for staffers until the powder was proved to be a simple antacid. Weiner described it as a harrowing experience for his local office workers. “The people who work for me are not political operachiks, they’re basically government workers who don’t get paid a great deal and don’t spend their time debating health care,” he told Courier-Life. “In my opinion, sending terrorizing letters to my community offices is not anything resembling free speech.”