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Weiner On Wooing The GOP: "Good Luck With That"


We don’t dabble much with national issues around here, but when we got this quote from Congressman Anthony Weiner we felt it needed to be published.

President Barack Obama is spearheading an effort to draw Republican leadership to the table with a bipartisan meeting at the White House after months of pre-election obstructionism. But Congressman Wiener is reeling with skepticism that much will be accomplished.

“President Obama is meeting with leaders of the ‘Party of No’ in the hopes that they’ll finally agree to help get something done? Good luck with that.”

“John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have already made it clear that instead of putting the needs of the American public first, their primary goal over the next two years is to make sure President Obama isn’t reelected – that’s why this meeting will be a waste of time.”

With the latest salvo fired at the GOP, Wiener continues to look increasingly like a Democratic bulldog. He has previously blasted them for their blocking of health funds for 9/11 responders and other initiatives, and decries the Republican’s attempts to sabotage the president’s initiatives by demonizing him as a socialist.

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  1. Hilarious! They ram the national healthcare through and now, all of a sudden, they talk of bipartisanship. Right.

  2. I want national healthcare! Where is it?

    My insurance will be 25% higher next year (again), while NOTHING will be covered 100%, even in network! (10% co-insurance + deductibles). This means a surgery with 2 days hospital stay in-network would cost us $3200 out of pocket (based on $32,000 total bill – billed to insurance last year), plus doctor fees.
    My wife’s policy will be 15% higher next year (she works for a bigger company), but with $50 specialist co-payments. Still, this means we will be on her policy to avoid going broke (you can only charge so much on the credit card).

    And we are lucky – at least our children don’t have any “pre-existing conditions”…

  3. They only debated it for what? A freaking year? The party of no – said no and the party of the people got it done. Finally. The party of no had its chance – didn’t Dole propose national health care in the 70s? Every other major power in the world has national health care. The World Health Organization has carried analysis of the world’s health systems. Using five performance indicators to measure health systems in 191 member states, it finds that France provides the best overall health care followed among major countries by Italy, Spain, Oman, Austria and Japan.Where’s the US? Highest in cost, first in responsiveness, 37th in overall performance, and 72nd by overall level of health Yeah – let’s keep that.

  4. The Democrats should have used their majority more effectively. Now that time has passed and may be a long time in coming again.
    Meanwhile the President is is furthering the Republican belief that Federal/Governmental workers must receive less from the Budget.

  5. From

    Countries with at least some form of universal health care system:

    Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Bhutan, Brunei, China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau, North Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, India, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Taiwan(R.O.C.), Turkey, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Jordan and Thailand, Oman, Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the United Kingdom, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, and Ghana.

  6. To quote Dennis Miller about Obamacare-who wrote the requirement to socialize medical care for children up to the age of 26-the makers of XBox and the purveyors of weed?

    Sadly Weiner has about 56% of his constituents fooled with his gibberish. he’s a embarrassment. Whether you pronounce his name like a hot dog or a crybaby, it fits. His main qualification for his office is apparently he fetches a good cup of coffee for the likes of hacks like Chuck Schumer.

    Like his beloved Obama he’s never had a real job.

    Good luck with the new Arab wife, Congressman Hopefully your good buddy fellow 40ish metrosexual Jon Stewart(nee Leibowitz) gets along with her well. Meantime, please STFU.

  7. I’m proud that Anthony Weiner is my Representative.
    Oh, and yes, Jon Stewart is Jewish (and often reminds his viewers of that). So?

    And where is that socialized medical care for children? Not here – it’s just a rule that the children can stay on their parents’ PRIVATE insurance policy until they are 26 (used to be 21).

  8. Great photo of the Congressman; sucking a lemon, perhaps? Anthony Weiner is a socialist turd, and if you voted for him you are a damn fool. Obamacare will destroy teaching hospitals, which are the backbone of NYC’s medical care.

    In England and Ireland, breast cancer screenings take up to 18 months. It’s gotten to the point that private charities and churches have created mobile breast cancer screening vans so women don’t die before getting care. People do ide in the UK for lack of care. That does not happen here.

    If Saudi Arabia is so great why does their king get treated at Weill/NYU?

    Why do Europeans and Canadians pay cash to have surgery done in NYC rather than wait?

    We absolutely have cost issues. But no one was dying in the street from lack of care. If you think a big government bureaucracy will make things better and cut costs, you are a dope. Does it EVER make things better?

  9. And the USA already has Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration. Yes, let’s cover everyone now so we can be even more up to our eyeballs in debt.

  10. Canada, Israel, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Sweden and so on are all doomed, I tell you…

    Alternatively, let’s get rid of Medicare, Medicaid and VA! Old people are useless weight for a society anyway – let them die. But no VA? Who is going to fight your wars for you then?

  11. I rest my case. As the comments here have shown nobody here cares about bipartisanship or compromise. They are just sad that democrats are no longer in power.

  12. Are you kidding me? When has the GOP ever compromised on anything? If they aren’t in power they spend all their time and energy blocking anything the Democrats try to accomplish and then when Election time rolls around they point and say that the Democrats havn’t done anything!

    It’s very hard to be bi-partisan when the Republican party is only interested in divesting the federal government of any responsibility, in de-regulating every industry, and finding any way possible to funnel tax dollars into private businesses owned by their best fri–…er, constituents.

    The GOP doesn’t give a fucking shit about the plight of the common American. I don’t even have make a list of all the shit they’ve done over the years all I need to do is point at one piece of legislation to prove my point. The Zadroga Bill. That Bill should be fucking unanimous. Not a single person who put their life on the line should ever have to worry about their health or families welfare ever again, but because a few of their Rich pals are gonna lose a tax loophole they won’t even vote on it.

    The Republicans will never compromise if they don’t have too, ever. During Obama’s first 6 months he TRIED and they rebuffed him and made outrageous demands that were designed to do nothing but stall legislation till they were able to destroy the Dems 60 seat hold on the Senate.

    If you want to talk about individual issues outside of political affiliation I think you’ll find I’m fairly moderate in either direction, but once we’re talking about the organized political machine that’s gotten our nation by the balls the GOP can go fuck themselves. I’m not a millionaire so they sure don’t give a fucking shit about me or my problems.

  13. Right, right, Republicans are all rich fat cats, while Democrat representatives are all blue collar, union workers. Yea, that’s it. “they were able to destroy the Dems 60 seat hold on the Senate” – Arthur, please, don’t make me laugh. Able to destroy? Is that a fancy way of saying that the voters picked republicans?

    “I’m not a millionaire so they sure don’t give a fucking shit about me or my problems.” – right, only a “fairly moderate” guy would fall for that line.

  14. How about the ones that actually have the cash to pay? Like a Canadian MP – Belinda Stronach. She traveled to California for breast surgery.

  15. I really don’t care about parties, but about people and policies. I have complemented Lew Fidler when he has represented this community sensibly. Weiner, however, is a socialist who votges for more big government solutions that do not work. And as to the wonders of socialized medicine, seems a whole bunch of folks living Brighton Beach and Sunset Park decided that the supposed awfulness of the American health care system was nonetheless no reason to stay in worker’s paradises like Russia and China.

    I spent a good chunk of summer 2007 in Ireland and Northern Ireland. This was a time during which the Irish economy was booming. Yet the big story was in fact that on either side of the border breast cancer screenings took so long-waits up to 18 months- and were so subpar in public socialized facilities that a coalition of church and fraternal groups got together to have mobile facilities in vans to do them so people wouldn’t die waiting for care. Possibly it has improved, but doubt it will get any better given the dire fiscal situation the Irish now face.

    Ultimately there is no such thing as a free lunch. Sadly no one learns that until it’s too late. Enjoy death panels and rationed care, which is kind of like getting your government hurricane aid on a cot in the Superdome. And if at the end of your life or that of a loved one care is denied by some penny ante bureaucrat or new medical technology (the thing America has always led the world in)is stifled by government red tape, don’t complain. You asked for it, and it was “FREE”. Insurance companies often do suck, but not nearly as bad as some hack with a government job.

  16. “The Democrats should have used their majority more effectively. ” – in other words they didn’t seek compromise. So why whine about the lack of compromise now, when the shoe’s on the other foot?

  17. Don’t look at Russia or China – look at Israel, Austria, Netherlands or Sweden.
    After all, everything Israel does is by definition good (or so AIPAC says).

  18. I beg to differ. Some screw the public a lot more than the others…

    On the subject of health care, however, ALL senators and representatives, including ALL Republican ones, enjoy socialized government-controlled health care system (and not one of them is ready to give that up).

  19. It appears that she had the actual mastectomy surgery in Toronto (Canada) and further reconstructive surgery in California.

    Toronto Star wrote on 6/23/2007:
    “Stronach is in an undisclosed hospital in the Toronto area after undergoing a mastectomy and breast reconstruction on Tuesday.”

    CBC News wrote on 3/26/2009 (note the subtitle “Breast reconstruction”):
    “Breast reconstruction

    Stronach, vice-chairman of her father Frank’s Magna International Inc., opted for a mastectomy and breast reconstruction, which allowed her to avoid radiation and virtually eliminated the chance of recurrence.

    Her decision to travel to California for the surgery, instead of having it performed in Canada, garnered some criticism. But Stronach stands by her decision.

    “It was important to me at the time that I wanted to preserve my nipple, and that wasn’t at the time an option that I was given here.”

    Without the technique to preserve the nipple, women who have breast reconstruction can opt for a nipple tattoo, but that’s not what she wanted.

    “When you’re faced with those pretty difficult decisions, you make the choices that you feel are best for you at that time. I’m not apologizing for it … I don’t view it as a cosmetic surgery. I think it’s part of the healing process.”

    I am not a woman, and as such can not judge the importance of preserving the nipple in post-mastectomy reconstructive surgery on psychological condition of a patient. But you would agree that this part of the procedure (the part she performed in California at her own expense) is not lifesaving medicine.
    Mastectomy itself is, however – and that was performed in Toronto.

  20. California is famous for it’s cosmetic surgery (Hollywood specifically), so that’s probably why she insisted on having her reconstructive surgery there.

  21. It’s amazing how something good gets done and the money people go out and convince the uneducated that this is a bad thing.

    The others who are against this have adequate coverage and they since they got theirs, they don’t want to share that with those who don’t.

    It’s disgusting.

  22. Medical Tourism is a big thing, my father needed an operation on his leg back in 2001 and the doctors we spoke to estimated the costs for like 60K (this is including hospital costs based on the vaerage recovery time of three weeks). In the end my father flew to China for the operation and it cost him just under 11k with hospital stay included.


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