Weiner On Wooing The GOP: "Good Luck With That"

We don’t dabble much with national issues around here, but when we got this quote from Congressman Anthony Weiner we felt it needed to be published.

President Barack Obama is spearheading an effort to draw Republican leadership to the table with a bipartisan meeting at the White House after months of pre-election obstructionism. But Congressman Wiener is reeling with skepticism that much will be accomplished.

“President Obama is meeting with leaders of the ‘Party of No’ in the hopes that they’ll finally agree to help get something done? Good luck with that.”

“John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have already made it clear that instead of putting the needs of the American public first, their primary goal over the next two years is to make sure President Obama isn’t reelected – that’s why this meeting will be a waste of time.”

With the latest salvo fired at the GOP, Wiener continues to look increasingly like a Democratic bulldog. He has previously blasted them for their blocking of health funds for 9/11 responders and other initiatives, and decries the Republican’s attempts to sabotage the president’s initiatives by demonizing him as a socialist.


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