Weiner Is A Master Debater (And That’s Good!)

Now that the obvious joke is out of the way, let me just say this: I think our congressman, Anthony Weiner, kicked ass in the healthcare debate.

Before all of my conservative readers jump down my throat, let me clarify. I’m not talking about healthcare itself. I’m talking about the act of debating.

Congressman Weiner acted like the politician we all want on our side. He was aggressive, he was informed, he moved the discussion forward when it stalled, and he was unapologetic.

I enjoy watching the man rip his fellow legislators a new one, and I love seeing him make pundits’ stunned jaws flop open. Even when I disagreed with Weiner, watching him shred apart misconceptions and back up his statements with facts… well, more than once I found my head dancing around on my neck, my finger snapping, and a “You go, girl!” leap out of my mouth.

I’m not asking you if you like Congressman Weiner. I know Sheepshead Bay has more than its share of Republicans, and I’m not looking for that kind of flame war here. But I am asking you to check out these videos of Weiner putting the smackdown on his rhetorical opponents (I’ve included my favorite one above).

Then ask yourself – isn’t that just awesome? Would you like [your preferred politician] to stand up like this for a cause you believe in every now and then?

Congressman Weiner, if you’re reading this, for the record… ::snaps:: you go, girl!


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