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Weiner Constituents Still Stand By Their Man… Mostly.

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I, as I am sure most of you are, am emotionally depleted from the mention of Congressman Anthony Weiner’s name, a name that I’ve known of, under more normal, pre-Internet circumstances, since I was in high school. The steady assault of “Weiner” jokes for the past two weeks (it feels like two years!) are old and tired, and a personal adversity is nothing to laugh at. But news is news, and even the not-so-fun stuff’s got to be reported upon… I guess.

After the Sheepshead Bay congressman’s embarrassing late night mis-Tweet of a photo of his undies-clad hoo-ha’s devolved into a national circus-like scandal, with leading members of both sides of Congress and President Barack Obama excoriating the disgraced pol and strongly suggesting he step down, News 12 reported yesterday that many of Weiner’s loyal constituents believe, as interviewee David Pantone stated on the corner of Coney Island Avenue and Avenue Z, that “this is his own personal life — it shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.”

House Democrats played a waiting game today in the online sex case of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), counting on mounting pressure from colleagues, a suggestion from the president and his wife’s return from an official trip to persuade Weiner to quit.

The strategy surfaced at a meeting of all House Democrats, when members cast aside discussion of Weiner’s sexually charged online postings and decided instead to let him think about calls from high-powered party members to leave.

In an interview on NBC’s “Today” show, President Barack Obama called Weiner’s behavior “highly inappropriate,” adding that he doesn’t think a two-week leave of absence is enough.

In Sheepshead Bay, many of Weiner’s constituents have expressed varying opinions on whether their local congressman should resign.

In an opinion piece published in The New York Times last week, Manhattan Beach Community Group President Ira Zalcman defended Weiner, prattling off a list of the good works that Weiner has done for his constituency, including the removal of disruptive cement planters along Oriental Boulevard, taking up the fight of unpopular traffic patterns imposed by the city, and availing himself  24/7 during the December 26 blizzard.

“People make mistakes,” Zalcman acknowledged, affirming his hope that Weiner — currently on an official leave of absence to seek professional help — stay in office. A surge of support from residents in our area continued to pour in, even in spite of brand new revelations of Weiner’s Internet relationships with at least half a dozen women surfaced, as well as numerous X-rated self-portrait images of the narcissistic pol taken in the Congressional gym.

His lying, however, was “the real issue,” wrote one-time Republican City Council hopeful Gene Berardelli to Sheepshead Bites, “not the Jerry Springer-like cavalcade of women that have/will spring up…”

All the photos, texts, “sexts”, chats… whatever… that’s between him and his family. The issue for the public is simple – he lied.  He evaded.  He blamed others.  He contrived a phony “hacker” / “prank”.  He yelled at people who had the temerity to question him when he refused to give a straight answer.  And he did so audaciously.  His holier-than-thou, smarter-than-thou mentality makes his duplicity even worse […] Then, when he was caught in his lies, he told the truth.  […H]ad there been another choice, he’d still be lying! With his credibility shot, how can he effectively represent?  How can we take him at his word?  How can anything get done for us amidst all the distraction he created?  Most importantly, how can he “deliver” results while in the minority if his OWN party has left him in the cold? In my opinion, the best he can do for all concerned, family and constituent alike, is resign.

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  1. ok so it’s sleazy. politicians have done sleazy things before. the news media are making money and all the other politicians keep talking about it because then no one will pay attention to the economy and other more important things that aren’t going right. the longer they keep up this discussion the longer they can avoid talking about the hard problems (as in difficult, not as in… you know.. the “problem” they keep talking about). they’re creating and continuing the distraction and then complaining that it’s a distraction

  2. I don’t like Wiener personally, or his politics, but I really don’t understand why this is such a big issue.  As far as I can understand the only thing that he did which was actually illegal was lie about his email account being hacked.  Big whoop.  I could understand if he was some moral crusader for traditional family values and marriage like many conservatives are, but he isn’t.  I honestly think if his last name was not Weiner which is just so perfect for this story, we would not be hearing so much about this.

  3. Actually lying isn’t illegal. It’s not as if he was under oath in court, he was being asked questions about a personal issue, lying might be unethical, but it’s a personal issue not a political one. Beyond that you’re absolutely correct.

    I still think he’s more than capable of leading and representing. I do not wish to see him resign. Whoever this Gene Berardelli guy is sounds like an opportunist who would rather play character assassination than criticize based solely on politics, shame on him.

  4. Plus Ms. Pelosi and Ms. Wasserman-Schultz are probably envious that Mr. Weiner did not send any pictures to them.  With friends like these…

  5. Plus Ms. Pelosi and Ms. Wasserman-Schultz are probably envious that Mr. Weiner did not send any pictures to them.  With friends like these…

  6. He lied? About what? Some idiotic photographs? Politicians lie about important things all the time. And no one makes this much of a fuss about it. I have never seen such a raking over the fires as this guy has gotten. It’s the worst example of the media creating events I’ve ever seen. They fed this story, and now the powers that run this country believe they can’t control it. A simple reality check is in order. Everything that has happened is nonsense. Get over it.

  7. I don’t know if I should be more angry with Congress or with the media for all the nonsense publicity this issue has gotten.  He lied. So what?  Big deal. Don’t all politicians lie?  Wasn’t what Rangel did ten times worse, and he gets to keep his job. How many ethics violations did he violate? I forget.  Wasn’t it over 20? Why didn’t the President call for his resignation? How much money did he steal? And what about Bill Clinton lying about Monica Lewinsky?  Why all the fuss over Weiner who did minor stuff by comparison? 

    Why have virtually all his friends deserted him now?  As my politically astute neighbor put it, maybe its because he hasn’t been nice to people during his whole career and had no friends in the House. So now it’s payback time.  

  8. That’s actually one of my favorites: “He lied. How can we trust him?”

    Every time I talk politics with readers, or people come to me with problems and I refer them to a district office, the response is “Oh, he’s a politician. All pols are full of shit and can’t be trusted.”

    So… what… Weiner has earned a special kind of distrust now? Last I checked “politician” is one of the few professions trusted less than “journalist.”

  9. He’s so clever that his cleverness caught him. He said he was hacked, but he also said that he “didn’t want to waste government resources investigating this matter”. Investigating legitimate crime is not a waste, ever. But investigating a non-event can lead to the prosecution of the person who made a false report. From the time he made that statement the gig was basically up.

  10. As Ambrose Bierce wrote:


    n.  An eel in the fundamental mud upon
    which the

    of organized society is reared.  When he
    wriggles he

    the agitation of his tail for the trembling of the edifice.

    compared with the statesman, he suffers the disadvantage of being

    alive.Now someday Gene Berardelli may find himself elected to office. He will find that, in order to maintain his position he will have to, from time to time, engage in some “creative truth telling”. He may well believe that this is in the best interest of the people, but these are lies nonetheless. Eventually, he will learn how to evade truth as talentedly as the best of them. Certainly this is a talent that Congressman Weiner did not fully possess,

  11. omg he lied big fucking whoop……… we as americans get lied to on a daily basis….

    Wonder how many people still believe that Cancer can’t be cured? hmm? 

    So this Politician lied, who cares….. it’s not like he’s the president.

  12. You know why he isn’t getting more support? The guy was so damned obnoxious that my guess is even his own party is a  bit happy he got taken down. I think had the guy conducted himself with more dignity, perhaps his party would have stood by him more.
       Bill Clinton did worse, but he had some class, so they stood by him. Wiener had no class in Congress. He was Congress’s version of Jersey Shore, ranting and raving. Come on. Do that on Jon Stewart if you want, not in Congress.

       I agree. The story’s gotten way too much publicity. I’m tired of this and every other similar story. Next story is, “Politician x resigned today due to the parking violation from 1982 that he never reported”.

  13. – What Weiner does as a grown man within the law with people of age is his business.

    – What Weiner does as a married man is subject to the agreements he has with his wife, the vows they have taken and the laws of the state.

    – What Weiner does as a Congressman should not deplete taxpayer dollars on investigations and waste time and energy when there are important issues at hand.  At some point, a political figure should know he has some responsibility as a role model to our children.

    Based upon the above, I say Weiner should stay in office because he does not deserve a job earning 2 million dollars a year being a talk show host.

    May his wife take her advice from Maria Schriver and not Hillary Clinton

    Yours truly,

  14. I’ve been waiting to comment all day, damn phone.

    Ok, So nearly every other point has been covered here already. Weiner is an Adult, this should be a private, not political issue, the media is really overdoing it, etc etc.

    Do you guys realize why his fellow dems arent supporting him? It’s because of the Census. That’s right, the Census. Due to the last Census New York has lost 2 congressional seats with the next election. This means when they redistrict before the next election they need to remove two congressional districts. None of Dems want to be one of the two that don’t have a shot to get re-elected.

    Since Weiner fucked up royally with Twittergate/Weinergate he’s the perfect scapegoat. You might have even heard the democrats threatening to redistrict him out of existence if he doesn’t resign.

    Yes, he made a retarded mistake, but people really need to get over it, the media needs to stop covering it, and the rest of congress needs to back the fuck off and simply leave this to the public to decide. If we don’t want him representing us then we wont vote for him.

    I will.

  15. Actually, lying to a federal officer is illegal, so if Weiner had allowed himself to be questioned by the FBI, he would have broken the law. Lost in Service should check his facts. Does the name Martha Stewart ring a bell? She was convicted of lying to the FBI.  I am convinced that the voters in the 9th c.d. mainly support Weiner. We are the laughingstock of the rest of Amercia for being such saps.  i WISH he would go away.

  16. Except he was never questioned by a federal agent, so your hypothetical is just that, and irrelevant. QED he never broke the law.

    We aren’t the laughing stock of the rest of the country, especially when Republicans have embarrassed themselves even worse by such things as allowing “Intelligent Design” into their science curriculum and have tried to initiate gay sex in bathroom stalls. If you think a straight politician being unfaithful to his wife is worse than the previous two and still think we’re the laughing stock of the country I welcome you to leave and live in either of those 2 districts.

  17. A public official cannot lie in an official proceeding with the expectation that, if he was caught, there would be no consequence. First, it’s called perjury. In a Federal court it would be considered a felony. Lying to Federal investigators also carries a felony charge. Most importantly, elected officials are held to a higher standard than other citizens. In theory Weiner’s lies are actionable by the body in which he is a member. If he does not quit, there is a very good possibility he will be censured. He could be impeached, but that has never happened in our entire history. It would be a disgrace to our legal traditions were it to happen now.

  18. Clarification: A Senator from Tennessee was impeached in 1798, on the grounds of treason. No member of the House has ever been impeached.

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