Weekend Bits: Pedestrian Struck, Drowning and More

Here are some tips we got over the weekend:

Hit and Run? A reader sent in the above photo, saying, “May not be able to see to the left of the man in yellow shirt, but it is a man leaning over a woman who was just hit by a car turning on Ocean and W. Her leg is broken. I was asleep and awoke to screams. I thought someone might have been mugged but instead this was the case. It might have been a hit and run.” This happened on Saturday, around midnight.

Drowning in Brighton? Reader Elina N. sent in a note a little before 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, saying, “Someone drowned right now in Brighton beach, search crew and boats and helicopters everywhere.” Well, boats and choppers don’t always mean someone drowned, as we’ve already learned. Gothamist Maps has this listed as “Water Job” at West 12th Street on the boardwalk.

Trapped Under the Boardwalk: No, it’s not a new R. Kelly hip hopera. A few hours after the above incident on Sunday, there were reports of a person being trapped under the boardwalk on Brighton 4th Street.

Gerritsen Fire: And since we were over at Gothamist Maps checking on some of the above incidents, there was this one that no one’s mentioned. A fire broke out at around 5:13 p.m. yesterday. That’s all we’ve got.

If you have any information about the above incidents or any other news, please leave it in the comments section or e-mail us. Thanks!


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