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Week Seven Of Cash Only At 79th Street D Station

Photo Liena Zagare / BKLYNER

A frustrated straphanger emailed us this morning saying that the metro card vending machines at 79 st D Station haven’t been accepting credit cards for more than six weeks now. “I’ve been having to go to an ATM for cash (and of course pay a withdrawal fee)” neighbor Mike fumed.

Photo Liena Zagare / BKLYNER

There are two metro card vending machines at the station, and according to the station agent, neither has been accepting cards for close to seven weeks. The slots have been taped over and notes posted asking commuters to call the issue in to 511, MTA’s equivalent for 311.

We reached out to MTA this morning and they said they are looking into the issue. We will update when we hear back, but in the meantime – do keep calling 511 and make sure to refill your card elsewhere or carry cash.

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  1. Thank you for posting this article this morning. Please know on behalf of Senator Marty Golden, I have reached out to the MTA regarding the problem you highlight in the article. This is completely unacceptable and we are waiting for an answer and will get this fixed.

  2. Senator Golden’s office has heard back from the MTA – “There are three machines at this station. One of the machines has a broken PIN pad. The part is on order and we anticipate delivery next week. At this time the machine only accepts cash. The other two machines are fully functioning accepting credit/debit cards.”


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