This Week In Ditmas Park

Photo via aerialplankton
Photo via aerialplankton

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Here’s a recap of what happened in our neighborhood last week:

• First, Juno was going to be the snowmageddon of all snowmageddons…

• … and the impending snowpocalypse canceled our Kings Theatre preview performance

• … closed our schools

• … and shut down our subways and buses.

• But, then, Juno came and went without ending the world

• … leaving our kids to enjoy their first snow day of the school year

• … and all of us to take photos of snow dogs, snow angels and all things snow in Ditmas Park!

• Here’s where you can eat and drink your way through Super Bowl Sunday.

773 Lounge is many steps closer to rebuilding after a huge fundraiser last weekend.

• Local lawmakers slammed a city property tax exemption program, saying it has lined big developers’ pockets and paved the way for gentrification.

A new food co-op will soon be opening in our area.

• Looking for a job? Here are a bunch of places in our neighborhood that are hiring.

•  Subway riders’ commute was delayed for a ‘very New York’ reason: a man running around the tracks.

• If you’re a visual artist, musician, comedian, dancer, or author, you might want to apply to this.

• You know what sledding’s like in Prospect Park now. But what about in 1933?

• Looking to volunteer? This neighborhood group needs help now.

• Famous Pita is gone for good, and Max’s Chicken & Burger will soon open in its place.

• Lark Café owner Kari Browne celebrated the opening of her new spot, ELK.

• If you’re going to break into a car, it’s probably best if you don’t leave a trail of footprints in the snow.

Remnants of life long ago on Flatbush Avenue.

• Have you seen these missing pups?