Wednesday What The What: Food Not Lawns?

Dozens of lawns in Bensonhurst are being utilized for a purpose other than aesthetic pleasure. For example, 63rd Street, between 21st Avenue and Bay Parkway has not one, not two, but 5 front lawns ready for small scale food production. The above fig tree was just one of three other fruit trees in a resident’s front yard. Around the corner, a massive cherry tree was already bearing fruit and several houses down, lettuce and herbs were sitting in planters, awaiting to be transplanted onto a front yard.

A passerby on the block, who said she lives nearby, mentioned that this was mostly due to the Asian community dwelling there. She said that she believes it is because they come from agricultural villages and continue their practices here.

It’s interesting to note a revival of self-sustainability in the heart of Bensonhurst. Food sustainability advocates from around the nation have been saying that lawn space could be better used to feed a community, help save the dwindling bee population, or just nourish a small family.

It seems that whatever the reason is here, the locals are gearing up for a fruitful summer.

Readers, what are your thoughts on creating your very own small-scale fruit and vegetable gardens?

“Wednesday What the What?” is a new photo feature looking at odd, weird and interesting things in the neighborhood. If you have photos of what the what happenings in Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Dyker Heights or the surrounding areas send them to lvladimirova [at] bensonhurstbean [dot] com.