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Wednesday: Sheepshead Bay Block Captain’s Meeting


With the motto, “No Neighbor Left Behind,” the Bay Improvement Group, along with Sheepshead Bay Plumb Beach Civic Association, Occupy Sandy and volunteers, has called another 7 p.m. Block Captains meeting for this Wednesday, December 5, at Roll ‘n’ Roaster (2901 Emmons Avenue).

The purpose of the meeting is to bring the “needs of Sheepshead Bay residents affected by Hurricane Sandy to the attention of public and private sources of support, and accelerate the pace of relief and recovery.”

They write on their announcement, “Please come if you would like to represent your block, relay the needs of your neighbors, and bring info back to them.”

Those who cannot attend but wish to make their situations known are asked to complete a survey that assesses the status of homes and any immediate needs for demolition, trash removal and any other services. The form can be found here:

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  1. taxfree4I don’t know why these groups, who have helped Sheepshead Bay resiidents tremendously, especially Occupy Sandy, would keep meeting in a place that not only couldn’t care about the locals but are indifferent about all of this. Roll and Roaster couldn’t spare a couple of hamburgers to donate to Occupy Sandy but made sure they charged them.

    During the fire here at 3030 Emmons in 2004 the Red Cross set up shop at the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club, who were nice enough to donate their location. Every local businesss donated what they could, McDonald’s sent food, Burger King sent food, 7-11 and even the grocery on Haring and Emmons gave away coffee and rolls to the burned out residents. Roll and Roaster holds the title as the only local business that gave zero. Even one of their dried out hamburgers or those cow chips with the Cheez Whiz on them would have been a welcomed sight to someone who lost everything, as in Hurricane Sandy also. I don’t know if this glorified fast-food has gotten any better, haven’t stepped foot in the place since 2004.

    As long as you keep meeting there my neighbors and I will definitely stay away. All I can say is God Bless Occupy Sandy, you people have been volunteeriing there from the beginning, all day everyday. I don’t know where they find compassionate souls like you but I’m glad they did.

  2. Roll ‘n’ Roaster was not the Bay Improvement Group’s first choice. In fact, it was our 17th, after area hotels, yacht clubs, the KOC, restaurants, and even boats. Every other place we tried was either destroyed, wanted money, or didn’t respond. We’re working every day to secure a more suitable meeting location (as well as a central relief hub, a mobile medical unit, and a town hall, by the way). But this Wednesday’s meeting is at Roll ‘n’ Roaster at 7pm, and so far, so good. Each meeting has been better attended than the one before (Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein and 3 reps from the Red Cross were there last night, too), and we thank Sheepshead Bites for helping us get the word out.

  3. Kouros Diner, Columbus Council on Nostrand, park next to Stella Maris (it’s in the 60’s all week), Varuna Boat Club. These are public gatherings so have them in public parks, along Emmons Avenue where everyone can see and, more importantly, hear and be informed and then involved.
    Since I’m pointing the finger at local deadbeats the Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus wouldn’t let Occupy Sandy store their supplies there overnight nor would St. Mark’s take in a 93 year old local resident and Hurricane victim, temporarily, in their empty convent, despite an insurance waiver if, God forbid, anything happened, makes one proud to be Catholic. When you have to call your lawyer before you house the needy you cease being a neighbor or Catholic, only CINO (Catholic In Name Only).

  4. We want the meetings as close to the hardest hit area (Emmons Ave.) as possible and they must be held indoors. This week’s meeting location will not be changed. Our new meeting place will be announced when we have it. I hope you come to a meeting then.


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