Water Main Repairs In Bensonhurst Are Almost Completed

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

BENSONHURST – Water main construction in the neighborhood is expected to be fully completed next month.

Water mains are the main lines of a water supply system. Construction to repair the water mains on 85th Street from 15th Ave to New Utrecht Avenue began in February. The project entails the replacement of local water mains and is a part of a greater initiative across Brooklyn– The Accelerated Water Main Project– to replace distribution water mains built before 1970. The initiative is a part of the mayor’s OneNYC plan.

The project in Bensonhurst costs approximately $900,000. The existing pipes in the area date back to 1904. As part of the Brooklyn Accelerated Water Main project, approximately 18,000 linear feet of water main piping has been replaced. Throughout the borough, 35,000 linear feet of water main piping remains to be installed.

This particular project is expected to be completed this week. Road restoration will be completed by May when the weather is better.

The Department of Design and Construction (DDC) had this to say: “DDC is working with our partners in government throughout the City to provide New Yorkers with resilient, dependable infrastructure.”

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