Watch Out for Fake ConEd Employees

Watch Out for Fake ConEd Employees

While there are many legitimate alternative energy service companies (ESCOs) available, if someone comes to your door claiming to work for ConEd, and they won’t show you ConEd identification, that’s probably a scam, and you should watch out. Neighbor Max had this experience today, around Ocean Ave and Dorchester:

I just had a well-dressed young woman come to my door and claim she was from ConEd. When I asked what she wanted she said she was coming to enquire about a notice on my statement I hadn’t responded to. I sent her on her way–she was reluctant to tell me who she represented or what she wanted.
15 minutes later a second woman came by with the same story. It might be tempting to find a way to lower energy bills during the heat waves, but my rule of thumb is never trust anyone soliciting utility business door-to-door.


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