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Washington Cemetery: Jewish Gravestones Vandalized

Washington Cemetery (Source: adamsofen via Flickr)

Nearly 200 gravestones were smashed or knocked over at Washington Cemetery on Bay Parkway over the weekend, including some belonging to Holocaust survivors.

They mayhem occurred Saturday night, officials believe, since Washington Cemetery is usually closed for the sabbath.

“I couldn’t believe it happened,” said Semyon Bershteyn, who has family buried in the cemetery. “For so many years I’m visiting this cemetery, and for twenty-plus years I’ve never seen anything close to that.”

Some of the tombstones in the Jewish cemetery were hundreds of years old.

Police are investigating the crime as a potential hate crime.

Thanks to Julie K. for the tip.

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  1. The previous photo was a screenshot from a News 12 video, as was indicated in the caption. Within minutes of posting, they called me to ask if I had permission to use the image. While I believe the image constituted fair use, and while News 12 constantly uses images and screenshots from Sheepshead Bites and without permission (not to mention the story leads they generate from us), I did not have the time to argue the finer points of copyright law. So, instead you get the photo above, which is licensed via Creative Commons. Just imagine a few of the stones toppled, and you’ve got a fairly accurate representation.

  2. News 12 can steal from us lowly bloggers because they have big money and lawyers. Lord forbid we should return the favor. It’s a pity all the bloggers won’t get together and form some kind of protest against this behavior. I would suggest the next time they take a story or photo from sb, contact them immediately and inquire if they had “permission”.

  3. This is from News12, updated shortly after 6pm – “…City Councilman David Greenfield is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrests and convictions of those responsible…” I wonder what kind of security the cemetary has?

  4. news channel 12 sucks monkey balls it’s as boring as channel NY1, they record their broadcast and then show it to us for a half of the day.


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