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Wanted: Police Hunt For Local Scam Artists


Police are looking for the two scam artists caught on camera in the video above.

The suspects are described as wearing dark colored wigs and sunglasses, last seen driving a darkly colored four-door Audi, according to DNAinfo.

The site goes on to describe their scam:

The con happened August 28, 2012 near Kings Highway and E. 16th Street, police said.

The suspects, two middle-aged women, approached the female victim with a bag they told her was filled with cash. In exchange for sharing the supposed cash, the victim gave the scammers an undetermined mound of money.

Cops call the ruse a so-called pigeon drop, a term that describes a scam in which the victim is easily conned.

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  1. It’s hard to believe that people are still falling for this scam.  They are probably picking on older people.  They are most vunerable.

    I hope they catch them soon and lock them up.  Common sense warns you right away, that if some one found a lot of money, they would not share it with a stranger.

  2. You should make a quick edit:

    Police are STILL looking for the two scam artists caught on camera in the video above.

  3. Can you con artists please at least try to be respectable and only steal from the 1%? I mean c’mon now, leave the little old ladies alone that’s just wrong….

  4. It’s funny that people who think that they couldn’t be scammed are often the easiest victims. Con artists are pretty good at acting very low key, the set sounds really flaky if you analyze it logically. but con artists do this so often that they make it sound like an acceptable course of action.

    Those of us who are terrified we could get scammed are the hardest, because we are suspicious from the start.

  5. My late grandmother. Although it involved cashing a lotto ticket and they werent citizens blablah blah.  I was 9 and witness the whole thing, so I had to go to the 68th and look thru mugshots.  B*&(% 0even bought me a toy….


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