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Wanted: Norman Vanigas, Rape Suspect Who Fired On Cops – $12,000 Reward

Source: NYPD

Norman Vanigas, 23, is wanted by police as a suspect for firing at police officers when stopped for questioning in last night’s sexual assault call. Authorities are offering a $12,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest.

Investigators are still determining if Vanigas was responsible for the sexual assault.

If you have any information regarding Vanigas, call 800-577-TIPS. You can also submit tips at www.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.

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  1. I thought it was a Hispanic male with a white beard? What, did he have a Santa Claus suit on last night?

  2. i seen this whole thing last night as he ran across the store and they followed him.
    They shot him he was unarmed.
    only reason he isnt dead cuz he ducked under a car
    i seen it all with my eyes from across the street from my condo

  3. everything that happen today in sheepshead bay  how come nothing was on the news. i left work and i seen crime tape at 2750 homecrest ave and i seen again it again in another place . there were cops every were and nothing was said .

  4. I’m confused, didn’t the POTUS just make this sort of thing legal? Why is this even a story?

  5. John, I’m not trying to put you down – I mean that, but I see your comments on various sites and I only just realized what you’re trying to say. To us readers, we’re being told that he shot at police – that’s a ‘truth’ we’ve all ‘accepted’, so unless you’re precise and explicit, I’m not sure that you’re getting your point across. (Things like ‘ran across the store’ register as a typo, so when I see ‘he was unarmed’ my brain filled that in as ‘unHarmed’. When referring to the shooter as ‘he’, my brain filled that in as Venigas, not the officer.)

    So to get this out of the way: cops are sure that it’s Norman Venigas – as he texted the victim. However, it is odd that he would have a knife AND a gun, odd that the police wouldn’t fire back at a man with a gun – and here you are saying that the only shot fired was from police. I mean, with those two issues sounding so odd (from the instant I heard it), and now a stranger saying (on multiple sites, persistently) that it didn’t happen that way – maybe there’s something to it.

    Doesn’t change a thing really, I want Norman Venigas off the streets so badly. Gun or not. But, I don’t see what would be in it for you to make this up. Do others think John may be accurate in what he saw? Just for speculation’s sake… let’s not make it personal. Also let’s keep in mind that we’re discussing a rapist who perpetrated on an innocent victim on the street – gun or not, there’s nothing innocent about him.

    The victim did however say she was raped at gunpoint (according to police). It makes me wonder how a knife would be presented at all. Did he switch weapons mid-crime? What motivation would police have to lie about the firearm, besides saving face?Also, to those who understand the law better – would the chopper typically come out for a rape? Or is that due to the firearm?Regardless, my fingers are crossed that they find him soon.


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