Want To Be A Zombie? Now’s Your Chance…

There are a number of tough questions modern teenage boys must ask themselves. What do I want to do with my life? Why are my eyes suddenly so interested in Sally’s chest? Robots or ninjas?*

But no question is more important than the following: when the zombie invasion comes, am I prepared to shoot my loved ones in the face if they’re infected?

We already know that I am. But some people may not be able to get into the proper mindset.

Luckily, Adelphi film student Christina Rooney is allowing you to role play as the mindless meat-seeking zombie right here in our neighborhood. You’ll learn a lot of important things – mainly that it sucks to be a zombie, and you should learn to shoot your mom in the face so you don’t suffer this fate.

Rooney is seeking extras for her quirky spin on zombie flicks. She writes:

The premise is that the main character, who thought he knew everything about zombies from movies and books, is pretty shocked when he realizes that they can shoot lasers out of their eyes. It’s not a large scale production, but I figured it would be fun to do, and I love the way some parts of Gravesend look really industrial and abandoned. If you’re still interested, we’re shooting on [April] 10th, 11th, (possibly) the 17th, and 18th, from 11am-5pm in Gravesend, Brooklyn. We’re setting up in my friend’s yard who lives on Ave X and E1 St. There will be pizza for lunch, and you would receive movie credits.

If you’re interested, you can reach Rooney by calling (908) 489-8078 or e-mailing clrooney88@gmail.com.

* Answer = Robots. Always robots.


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