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Walmart In Brooklyn? Fuggedaboutit! Nation’s Biggest Retailer Gives Up Fight For East NY Location

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Proving that resistance is not futile, the All-American Ultra-Chain, Walmart, has retreated from efforts to plant its flag in East New York.

Since at least 2007, Walmart has been paving the way for an invasion of Brooklyn’s Gateway II shopping center. Local activists claimed America’s largest retailer would hurt local businesses, a position bolstered by research in Chicago. Drivers, meanwhile, bemoaned what a Walmart on the Belt Parkway would do to traffic congestion, and union activists slammed it for what they said were anti-union practices. And the corporate behemoth raised eyebrows when they donated millions of dollars to help fund local politician’s pet projects to gain political support.

Now the opponents seem to have emerged victorious, and Walmart is backing off its claim to Gateway.

Walmart last week issued a boilerplate statement stating, “We were unable to agree upon economic terms for a project in East New York.”

The release left open the possibility that the mega-chain will one day set roots in New York City.

“We remain committed to bringing new economic development and shopping options to New York City,” the release said.

No new locations of interest have been announced by the company.

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  1. Looks like I was right about Randazzo’s.  The FOR RENT sign went up today….It looks like businesses on sheepshead bay road are opening and closing at record speeds these days.

  2. The next plan will involve setting up small outlets. In some ways this will benefit them more, as they can do this without a lot of red tape, and they can succeed in shutting down many more local businesses.

    Wal-Mart enjoys having battles.

  3. I knew that WalMart would never happen in BKLYN.  The company sucks since Sam Walton died.  It used to be a nice company to work for – I have family and friends who work for the company for years.  They give raises like $0.10 per hour, they treat their employees like dirt, they refuse to allow the employees to have a union.  I am currently unemployed, but wouldn’t accept a job with Walmart for anything.  

  4. what a disgrace the union gangsters win again and the low income people and job seekers lose. The union sonly gripe with walmart is they want the union dues$$$ . The only problem is despite what the unions say, the workers don’t want walmart and workers around the country don’t want job killing unions. The unions are responcible for hundreds of thousands of lost jobs around the country including at the stella dora cookie factory. Walmart is a great store to shop at. Items are 25% less than suppermarkets and over priced drug store chains. I guess I am stuck riving to LI to go on my bi-monthly walmart runs. I have a car i am lucky. East new york residents are not so lucky. 

  5. I LOLed.

    If you’d be a regular visitor here, you’d remember previous articles on this subject, with plenty of information about workplace culture at WalMart, as well as quality of goods sold, etc.  By the way, they don’t have the lowest prices on everything, let alone by 25%.

    As Consumer Reports writes:
    “For all the talk about Walmart’s low prices, 30,666 subscribers we surveyed said the prices at 10 other retailers, including JCPenney, Sears, Dillard’s, and Meijer, were at least as good. And bigger wasn’t necessarily better when it came to the overall shopping experience. Almost three-quarters of respondents who shopped at Walmart found at least one problem to complain about, and half had two or more complaints about the store or its staff. Walmart and Kmart scored notably lower than the other chains, but Costco stood tall. In addition to citing the warehouse club’s rock-bottom prices, survey respondents praised its bang for the buck: It was the only store judged much better than average for value.”


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