Wage Parity Delayed for Personal Assistants of the CDPAP

Wage Parity Delayed for Personal Assistants of the CDPAP

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State (CDPAANYS) has been focusing a lot of its efforts on higher wages for personal assistants of the CDPAP. After four years, their efforts are paying off. As of October 13, personal assistants in New York City and Long Island will receive combined wages and benefits of $15.09 and $ 13.22 respectively.

Originally, these changes were to take place on July 1. However, wage parity law demands 120 days between the posting of the notice and the implementation of the changes. The notice was posted by the Department of Health on June 14 pushing the changes to October 13.

The wages of several major plans remain below the wage parity requirement. As such, the efforts of CDPAANYS are ongoing. They are continuing their cooperation with the Legislature, the Department of Health and others to ensure that these changes occur without further delays. In addition, they intend to pursue reimbursement that will guarantee the continuity of care.

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