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Volunteer To Help Clean Up P.S. 52 With New York Cares!


For the 21st year in a row, 6,000 volunteers are going back to school to clean up 90 facilities in the five boroughs, and 40 in Brooklyn alone, all for the “New York Cares Day” event being held this Saturday, on October 13.

The annual event focuses on cleaning, painting, and organizing classrooms in New York’s Public Schools, including our own local P.S. 52 (2675 East 29th Street).

People are still needed for a host of services like painting murals, and participating in arts and crafts projects. Anyone ages 12 and up can volunteer at, with a registration fee of $20 per person. Volunteers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent orĀ guardian.

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  1. Too short notice for a lot of these volunteer things. They’re published here only a couple of days before the event, not enough advanced notice for many.

  2. As I mentioned earlier, it is a fundraiser for schools. However, participating businesses cover this fee for their employees, making it free for actual people.

  3. Damn these P.S. 52 teachers with their mansions on the Upper East Side (or Manhattan Beach, take your pick), private jets and yachts…


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