Visit Local Public School Open Houses Before Applying to Kindergarten

Visit Local Public School Open Houses Before Applying to Kindergarten
PS 139

The kindergarten application period in New York City runs from today, January 22 through March 1. Most kids turning five years old in 2013 attend their zoned schools, but there are other options available, including Gifted & Talented programs, magnet schools, and more. You may apply to as many schools as you would like, but you must submit an application to each school, at the school.

When applying, you must bring:

– Proof of your child’s age (child’s birth certificate or passport)
Two documents verifying proof of residence (utility bill, lease, more listed here)

You do not need to bring your child with you to apply.

Most people in our area are in District 22, and you can learn more about schools in the district here; some people may be in District 17. Some have open houses scheduled, but if you can’t make those, be sure to schedule a visit at the schools you’re interested in – there’s no better way to get to know what a school is like than seeing it in action, in person.

If you’ve got questions about certain schools, the application process, or if you have any tips or wisdom to share, please do so in the comments!

PS 139 (District 22)
330 Rugby Road, 718-282-5254
Recent Progress Report: D
About the School: With approximately 1,050 students, PS 139 is pre-K through 5th grade, with diverse student body. Though not a G&T school, they do have an additional program for students identified as gifted and talented. CAMBA provides an after-school program on campus each day. They have a very accomplished chess team, among other enrichment programs.
Open House: Wednesday, January 23, 8:45-10am
More Info: Maria Caridi, Parent Coordinator, 718-282-5254 or

PS 217 (District 22)
1100 Newkirk Ave, 718-434-6960
Recent Progress Report: B
About the School: PS 217 has around 1,350 students in pre-K through 5th grade, all from various backgrounds – the school estimates that about 30 languages are spoken there. The school has had a G&T program in the past, but it’s not on the list for 2012-13. They do have an Arts & Letters program, which consistently puts out some of the best student-created theatrical productions in Brooklyn.
Open House: Monday, February 4, 9-10:30am
More Info: Ute Van Sitteren, Parent Coordinator, 718-434-6960 ext. 6 or

PS 249 (District 17)
18 Marlborough Rd, 718-282-8828
Recent Progress Report: A
About the School: This pre-K through 4th grade school has about 800 students, and is expanding to add 5th grade with the fall semester. They have a dual-language program (Spanish/English) that begins in kindergarten, and an award-winning health and fitness program.
Open House: Tuesday, February 12, 8:45-9:30am
More Info: Nayoka Mackey, Parent Coordinator, 347-563-4752 or

PS 245 (District 22)
249 E 17th St, 718-284-2330
Recent Progress Report: B
About the School: A small school with about 260 students in grades pre-K through 5, it’s housed in a building that the DOE leases from a Catholic church. The small size means intimacy, so everyone knows everyone else’s name, but it also means there are fewer special programs.
Open House: None scheduled
More Info: Pat Kannengieser, Principal,

PS 315 (District 22)
2310 Glenwood Rd, 718-421-9560
Recent Progress Report: C
About the School: Enrollment is about 780 students in this pre-K through 5th grade school, which shares a building with a part of PS 152 – the school have separate entrances, but share the cafeteria and gym. There’s occasional interaction with nearby Brooklyn College, and the school has a focus on arts, music, and dance.
More Info: Angela Gonzalez, Parent Coordinator, 347-563-4641 or

PS 152 (District 22)
725 East 23rd St, 718-434-5222
Recent Progress Report: B
About the School: Enrollment in this pre-K through 5th grade is about 870 students, with overcrowding eased by an Early Childhood Center annex at 1087 Ocean Ave. Otherwise, it shares the building with PS 315. The school has a strong music program.
More Info: Tammy Zaccheo, Parent Coordinator, 347-563-4757 or

PS 193 (District 22)
2515 Avenue L, 718-338-9011
Recent Progress Report: C
About the School: This is one of seven schools in District 22 that the city says has a G&T program for the current school year, and most students are from outside its zone. With about 900 students in grades pre-K through 5, PS 193 Gil Hodges also has an honors program called CIG. They have a number of science and arts programs, including a recently added a Lego Robotics program, which begins this spring.
More Info: Kathy Rosenfeld, Parent Coordinator, 347-563-4691 or

Brooklyn School of Inquiry (District 20)
50 Avenue P, 718-685-5730
Recent Progress Report: A
About the School: This school is Brooklyn’s only one with a Citywide G&T program, and it is highly sought after. Information for incoming kindergarteners can be found here.
More Info: Helen Rudofsky, Parent Coordinator, 718-621-9755

Any other schools that you’re considering? Any thoughts on these ones? Please share any input that might help parents of the incoming kindergarten class!


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