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Video: Woman Beaten For Cell Phone In Gravesend Robbery



Police are on the hunt for a suspect in a brazen robbery, in which a man walked up to a 36-year-old woman and savagely beat her before stealing her Samsung Galaxy cell phone.

The incident, which took place on October 2 at approximately 1 a.m. at Avenue W and Lake Street in Gravesend, was captured on video by a nearby surveillance camera.

In it, you can see the man square off with the woman before violently swinging at her face. She fell to the ground off camera, which is when the thief snatched her cell phone and fled on foot.

The victim spoke to ABC News using a psuedonym, describing the attack:

“The first thing I saw was a punch,” said Sara, the victim.

… “He took my phone after the first or second punch, grabbed it from my hand, but he just proceeded to beat my face with all of his might, aiming punches like a boxer,” Sara said.

… “With the best of my ability, I was protecting my face from a rain of punches,” Sara said.

… Sara was coming home from work; it was late, 1 in the morning on Wednesday, when the suspect approached her from behind on Lake Street near Avenue W in the Gravesend section.

… Sara told Eyewitness News the vicious attack lasted more than a minute, that she was knocked to the ground several times, but wouldn’t get up, convinced the only way she would walk away from this was to keep screaming.

“That was my priority, was not to shut up, it felt like he was looking to knock me out,” Sara said.

The victim suffered minor injuries, including bruises to her face, knees and back.

Police have released the above sketch, describing the man as in his early 20s, five-foot-nine and thin.

If you recognize the man above or have any more information regardng this incident, please contact (800) 577-TIPS (8477) or visit NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Where is Chaim Deutch’s Shomrim.

    He should start accepting some non Orthodox and NON Jewish volunteers if he gives a fuck. Most his volunteers live in FLATBUSH.

    He receives grants from Nelson and parks that big truck in his neighborhood – Ave J and Bedford.

    This guy doesn’t give a shit about us. Just wants to become a career politician.

    You don’t want this guy in City Coincil.

  2. Have you tried volunteering for the Shmorim service? Perhaps give them a call and offer your services if you are serious. I would welcome Shomrim in our neighborhood but I am not sure if the majority of the people here feel the same way.

    In any case at least Chaim is being proactive in fighting crime. What has Sortobin or anyone local done?

  3. I’ve said it here before and I will say it again, Charels Bronson’s Death Wish is an inspirational and heart warming film that should be watched and embraced by every responsible citizen. In light of the Sheepshead Bay crime wave I urge the Sheepshead Bites team to organize a screening for the community.

  4. Looks like Trayvon is back from the dead and looking for Skittles.
    Only this time Z-Man wasn’t around to play superhero.

  5. #1. using your phone at 1am is probably not a good idea…. #2. If your EVER in trouble RUN your ass to the middle of the road, where cars stop for red lights… this way your bound to get noticed. #3. if your a woman, you should probably carry pepper spray or mace (if it’s legal) #4. Most android phones can be tracked (as long as the battery is intact) Soooooooooooooooo TRACK The fucker!

  6. Do you know about Chaim’s plans? Do you know that he works with many others from different communities to organize patrols? You have nerves to talk about Chaim and Shomrim without knowing anything. Shame on you. Thousands see “that big truck” in many other neighborhoods. Talking about giving shit about us and becoming a career politician, you probably meant Storobin with his crap and BS. Why don’t you call Shomrim and ask to volunteer? Try and after we can talk!

  7. this type of crime happens an awful lot here. i wonder what the crime rates are for similar acts in cities that allow concealed carry.

  8. Of course not, nobody wants to eat a bullet for a cell phone. Something to be learned here… but of course liberals can’t wrap their brains around the idea of self defense.

  9. Ah, the good old 70’s, with Death Wish. Didn’t Jeff Goldblum play one of the criminals in that movie, and also Freddie Boom-Boom Washington (I forget his real name), the guy from Kotter….
    I wouldn’t go as far as Death Wish, but I think this perpetrator definitely deserves to be required to get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for three rounds of fun before being hauled off to jail

  10. why do i have a feeling that you are David Strobin or team let me tell you does shomrim people were there for me 100% during and after hurricane sandy I even once saw deutsch himself I’m neither Jewish or Russian I live in manhattan beach and never heard of this people before but now i have a great deal of respect for them and myself on all my neighbors will vote for deutsh are you asking were the F…. the police are or neighbors come on and why don’t you start yourself a group this was a stupid bad way of bashing a candidate at least that’s what it looks like to me…

  11. #5 and it probably should be #1. Yell, Fire!, Fire!, Fire! Why? Most folks don’t give a crap, if it’s not happening to them. However, by yelling that ,most folks begin to pay attention, cause something like that could be heading their way, real soon! Thus, creating the better possibility, of actually getting help, the rare time, you are attacked, in such an unlikely instance! (At least in our Neck of the woods!!!)

  12. Supposedly, this was actually about that car. She owned it, and would not move it our of the driveway when the owner of the property asked her to. This wasn’t a robbery.

  13. If it’s legal? Who gives a damn. Screw the politicians. They of course are entitled to protect themselves. You, I and that lady aren’t. And these bunch of losers that live there, we all know someone heard her and hid. If you watched the video you’d see she had no chance to run to the middle of the street and ” get noticed “. I’d like to know who issued the description of this guy? He’s described as in his early 20s, 5’9” and thin.
    The last three videos shown here described the perpetrators, which included the fact that they were white. Why nor print what is obvious, he is black. Anyone here remember the story of Kitty Genevese? Kitty was raped for over 30 min. and then murder while her neighbors peeked out their windows and did nothing. Lets assume that this happened to yours or my mother or sister, would you want someone to help her?

  14. The more gun regulations a city has, the higher the crime rate, that’s a fact. It’s easy enough to figure out why.

  15. What a shame. Maybe this thug will be as foolish as many are and post this on either Facebook or YouTube and someone who recognizes him will come forward. I hope the victim feels better soon.

  16. Maybe so, but next time she will move the car when the owner asks, now, wont she…after all, the arrogance of blocking someones driveway and then refusing to move.


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