Video: Windsurfers Take Their Own New Years Day Plunge

In the first 30 seconds of the above video, I thought some new breed of elite soldiers landed in the sand trenches of Plumb Beach and were getting ready to infiltrate the neighborhoods of Southern Brooklyn.

My fears, though, were unwarranted. Turned out it was just those lunatic windsurfers over on Plumb Beach, sporting goggles and wet-suits, preparing to take to the waves in their own sort of Polar Bear New Years Plunge.

Shot with a Canon XA10, the men decided to kitesurf and windsurf under the orange-bluish sky in the waters of Plumb Beach on New Years Day. Looked like a good day for it, too. Besides unusually warm temperatures for New Years Day, it looks like the winds gave them a nice ride.

Made me want to try it… just, you know, in the summer.


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