[Video] Vandal Carves 30 Swastikas Into Fresh Concrete In Kensington

[Video] Vandal Carves 30 Swastikas Into Fresh Concrete In Kensington

Last weekend, an unknown perpetrator was caught on tape carving nearly 30 swastikas into freshly poured cement on Newkirk Avenue in Kensington.

The video, from a private surveillance camera, shows the suspect etching multiple swastikas while gripping a small flashlight in his mouth on a residential Newkirk Avenue block near Ocean Parkway, early Saturday morning July 8.

The property owners, who are Jewish, poured the cement on Friday evening and discovered the vandalism on Monday, reports NBC. They immediately contacted the 70th Precinct police, said Assemblymember Dov Hikind.

“What has happened to society that people take any pleasure in spreading hate?” said Hikind, who shared the surveillance footage. “Imagine the reaction of Holocaust survivors and their descendants who live in this community when they come across these symbols of hate?”

The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the incident, said police sources.

“I have great confidence that the perpetrator of this hate crime will be caught,” said Hikind.


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