Video: Sheepshead Civic Expresses Support For Weiner

While Congressman Anthony Weiner finally lays low following the revelation of Twitter romances – and the lies that preceded his eventual confession – at least one civic group publicly expressed its support and gratitude for the embattled politician.

During last night’s Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association meeting, member Tom Paolillo stood up to urge members to remember all the work Weiner has done on behalf of the neighborhood.

“He’s been a friend to our community for many, many years, and I’m not ready to throw him under the bus for this incident,” Paolillo said. “I hope he doesn’t go to media pressure and resign.”

The civic’s leaders echoed Paolillo’s sentiments, pointing out that many of their initiatives got off the ground only with support from Weiner.

“Anthony was the only one who got everybody together after 10 years of us fighting, complaining, writing to city state and federal – he was the only one to get [Plumb Beach] recognized” when everyone else was pointing fingers on responsibility, said President Kathy Flynn. Weiner helped bring the various agencies to the table to develop plans to save Plumb Beach from sinking into the ocean, and even provided federal funds to meet that goal.

But one area resident spoke out against the congressman, saying that his attempts to “falsify” the events around the groin shot sent via Twitter present a major credibility issue.

“Can you actually trust him to do your job for you?” asked Mary Romano.

SB/PB Civic leaders admitted it is an issue and they’re “not happy with it,” but are waiting to see how events unfold before passing judgement.