Video: Sanitation Truck In Flames On Avenue V

Firefighters responded to a Sanitation Department truck that had burst into flames at around 7:00 a.m. today, on Avenue V and East 29th Street. As always, Sheepshead Bites had a reader there recording video in my most favorite video format: vertical. Anyway, the reader – ShadowLock – writes:

As i was driving by a really brutal smoke caught me and slapped me in the face!  it was a Sanitation Truck doing it’s daily Wednesday recycling collection, except this one caught on fire, i’m not 100% sure what could have caused this, only guess is he was smoking hit a bump lost control of his cig and dropped it and the darn thing caught fire… however it could be other things, i tried to ask but since i’m not a reporter of any kind all i got was the cold shoulder, and the cops telling me i need to move away.

Yep, because the police never give reporters the cold shoulder…