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Video: Sanitation Plow Destroys Parked Car


So this one’s not in our neighborhood, but no one has picked up on this video yet and it needs to be highlighted.

In a public display of true incompetence, a Department of Sanitation plow working in Brooklyn Heights ripped open the back of a Ford Explorer earlier today. The plow got stuck on a narrow street and another truck came by to pull him out. Obviously neither of the two geniuses operating the vehicles did very well in geometry, as they fail to see that the angle they’re pulling at is going to slam the plow into the back of a parked Ford Explorer nearby.

Luckily for us, a resident living above this mess foresaw it all happening and did what all good citizens do: pull out a video camera and let the action unfold, all while dishing out swear words and wearing nothing but underwear.

So, here’s your warning: there’s a lot of hilarious commentary cursing in this video. And you got a flash of this guy’s boxers.

Lest anyone worry about the owner of the Ford, it turns out that the owner is… well… you and me. According to the description on the YouTube video, it was a city-owned Department of Buildings vehicle. So taxpayers just funded the destruction of a vehicle paid for by taxpayers that will need to be replaced by taxpayers. And, of course, I bet the drivers got paid overtime.

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  1. usually i like your articles but this one annoyed me.. have you ever driven a plow or a tow truck? In two feet of snow? try it.. see what kind of result you get…

  2. What does that have to do with anything? Just because it’s difficult doesn’t excuse the incompetence displayed in the video. Maybe after smashing into the car for the first 5 times, one would think to stop and try something else. But hey, I guess only us reasonable non-dirvers of plow trucks would think of that.

  3. You’re way off. No matter how difficult it is to drive in any conditions, there is always something to be done correctly to avoid this type of mess, and it just didn’t take place here. You don’t just go wrecking other peoples property because you didn’t plan well. DSNY and all other departments of NYC should have chains on their tires in these conditions. Crushing peoples personal vehicles only costs the city more in the long run.

  4. Ned doesn’t drive so he should recuse himself from any automobile related hyperlocal journalism. If it snowed an inch I wouldn’t hesitate to run over all of your grandchildren if it meant saving a minute.

  5. Wnbc played this video on the news earlier, and if I heard correctly, the city was going to pay for the damages. If that’s the case, let’s see how long it takes. Oh, and apparently the owner of the vehicle was heard flipping out in the video too.

  6. awesome vid!
    has everyone noticed the extremely LITTLE plowing being done this storm. this was seriously the least ive seen any trucks plowing. wtf? i guess nyc is broke as fuck.

  7. if they would have gotten out of their vehicles, dug out their vehicles, and didnt try to yank it out like a bunch of mexican abortion doctors than id maybe see your point. i only wish this was your car and than we could see how you would feel about this EXTREMELY unprofessional act. wow lips wow 😛

  8. Ned doesn’t drive so he doesn’t have a pro automobile bias in his reporting of automobile related stories. And we are absolutely certain that he would never run over anyone’s grandchildren. Ever.

  9. Marty Markowitz just made a statement on Good Day New York.
    He suspects something went wrong internally between midnight Sunday and Monday morning.
    I agree. Because of Bloomie saying how many plows and how much salt is ready something went wrong.
    Unless Bloomie sent them into Manhattan so the tourists were kept happy.

  10. Hey Janelle – I think you’re thinking about the OTHER cars that the OTHER Sanitation crew wrecked. That was either Upper West or Upper East, I forget which one.

    But that’s rather damning, isn’t it? Two different boroughs, two different crews, exact same result. Leadership FAIL.

  11. Cars get trashed every time the city plows. They have for as long as the city has plowed. I’m not going to call someone incompetent until I know how to do something. Trying to free better then 10 tons of loader with 30 tons of heavy duty tow truck sounds tough to me. I looked up basic specs on the net, maybe people should check their facts before complaining. When you can dance 40 tones of vehicle in two feet of snow you can talk. Till then be glad you’re not the one who had to try and work in this mess.

  12. Bloomberg is a cock sucker. he just plowed out manhattan and said “fuck the Burroughs”. and he has the balls to say he dug out everything that was important. it would be a good thing if he had a heart attack and went away

  13. How about taking a damn shovel like everyone else, in order to dig snow under that machine and pull it out with extra set of eyes from street level who is overlooking the whole situation. NYC only wants our money and rase our taxes…son of bitches..

  14. Front end loaders can lift themselves up off the ground so that chains can be placed on the tires.
    I’ve worked on these vehicles plenty to know that this was completely avoidable.

  15. I’m surprised nobody beat those two with shovels and buried them in the snow right where they stood with their own plow…rarely do you witness such stupidity in plane sight…


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