Video: Sanitation Plow Destroys Parked Car

So this one’s not in our neighborhood, but no one has picked up on this video yet and it needs to be highlighted.

In a public display of true incompetence, a Department of Sanitation plow working in Brooklyn Heights ripped open the back of a Ford Explorer earlier today. The plow got stuck on a narrow street and another truck came by to pull him out. Obviously neither of the two geniuses operating the vehicles did very well in geometry, as they fail to see that the angle they’re pulling at is going to slam the plow into the back of a parked Ford Explorer nearby.

Luckily for us, a resident living above this mess foresaw it all happening and did what all good citizens do: pull out a video camera and let the action unfold, all while dishing out swear words and wearing nothing but underwear.

So, here’s your warning: there’s a lot of

hilarious commentary

cursing in this video. And you got a flash of this guy’s boxers.

Lest anyone worry about the owner of the Ford, it turns out that the owner is… well… you and me. According to the description on the YouTube video, it was a city-owned Department of Buildings vehicle. So taxpayers just funded the destruction of a vehicle paid for by taxpayers that will need to be replaced by taxpayers. And, of course, I bet the drivers got paid overtime.


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