Video Of Tuesday’s ‘Steaming’ Porsche On Belt Parkway


This news tip and accompanying footage is courtesy of Sheepshead  Bites reader Yelena. On Tuesday she managed to capture video of a sports  car with Jersey plates, apparently a Porsche that had caught fire, on  the ramp for Exit 4 on the Belt Parkway.

Here’s what Yelena had to say:

I’m an active reader of your forum, I have to say thanks to your News   Blog I stay informed of whats going on around me. Yesterday afternoon  my  boyfriend and I were driving back from AC, tired beyond belief I saw   some thing you don’t see everyday. A posche (sic) that was steaming with   smoke, at first I just saw a bunch of smoke then noticed the fire   beneath the vehicle. The video isn’t great  but if you pause at 8 sec   you’ll get the picture. Thanks for your time! Btw keep it up your blog   is truly one of a kind.

You can link to the video here (FYI- the ‘S bomb’ gets dropped at the end)

Thanks, Yelena! [FYI- The Bean? Also one of a kind ; )]