Video: NYPD Traffic Agent Issues Dumbest Ticket Ever

Put this one down as one of the dumbest tickets ever.

According to this video, an SUV parked on the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Avenue V was pushed into the crosswalk after a motorist slammed into the car behind it. The owner of the SUV was promptly issued a ticket for “blocking the crosswalk,” and after pleading his case, was told it was “too late” because the ticket was already written.

“If you saw an accident like this, wouldn’t you think something had to happen to this car, for it to be up on the sidewalk and almost smashed into a pole,” the vehicle’s owner says in the video. “COME ON! A little common sense!”

The owner of the car tried to explain the situation to the officer, only to be told it was “too late” because the ticket had already been written.

If you are one of the owners in the video, or know them, please put them in touch with Sheepsehad Bites. We’d just love to follow how this drama plays out in court.


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