Video: Nelson Address MBNA, Attacks Smoking Bill

Councilman Mike Nelson spoke before the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association on October 4, telling them about several initiatives he’s working on.

The quote of the night was easily his response to a question on his opinion of the new anti-smoking proposal, which would ban smoking on beaches and in parks.

“What I’m worried about is if you live in an apartment house, they’re going to tell you you can’t smoke in your apartment,” Nelson said. “If you can’t smoke in your own domicile then it’s really getting to be like in Communist Russia. It totally goes against my grain.”

He also said the rising cigarette taxes makes Al-Qaeda and gangsters happy.

Aside from that, Nelson talked about flu shots, renovations to the fields and courts in Manhattan Beach Park and his legislation to grant temporary amnesty for late parking tickets. The last is a key issue for the councilman, and would give a period of time for people with overdue parking tickets to pay their original fines and have the late fees waived. A hearing for the bill is expected to be scheduled soon.