Video: Nadler Says Obama Is Becoming An ‘Absolute Monarch’

In the above video, Representative Jerrold Nadler (D- New York)  rebukes the president for continuing U.S. military operations in Libya  past the 60 days authorized by Congress. This is, according to most legal scholars, a violation of both the 1973 War Powers Resolution and the 1941 War Powers Act.  It is very unusual for a liberal Democrat member of Congress to  publicly criticize a sitting Democrat president with such vigor.

From the video:

“We have been sliding for 70 years to a situation  where Congress has  nothing to do with the decision about whether to go  to war or not, and  the president is becoming an absolute monarch,” he  said. “And we must  put a stop to that right now, if we don’t want to  become an empire  instead of a republic … I think that the nation’s  credibility, that is  to say its promise to go to war as backed by the  president, not by the  Congress, ought to be damaged … We have to put  our foot down and say no.  And if foreign countries learn that they  cannot depend on American  military intervention unless Congress is  aboard for the ride, good.  That’s a good thing.”
-Rep. Jerrold Nadler

Rep. Jerrold Nadler represents New York’s 8th Congressional District.  It includes Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, SoHo,  Greenwich  Village, TriBeCa, the Financial District and Battery Park  City.  In  Brooklyn, the 8th District includes parts of Borough Park,  Red Hook,  Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Coney Island, Brighton  Beach,  Gravesend, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach and Seagate.