Video: Manhattan BP Scott Stringer Campaigns For Mayor In Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer spent a lot of time in Brooklyn this week, leaving the taller borough behind to spend time talking about his solutions to citywide problems.

The Manhattan beep made it as far south as Manhattan Beach, where he spoke to the Manhattan Beach Community Group during their 70th Anniversary celebration this Wednesday.

Stringer spent his 11-minute speech discussing citywide issues, including the need for reform of mayoral control of education, strengthening community boards, and the weakening of the middle class under current city-state economic policies.

It wasn’t his first stop in the borough, either. According to City & State‘s “First Read” e-mail newsletter, Stringer previously visited the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association to discuss his five-borough transportation proposal, and also stopped by the Gowanus Canal Conservatory and Boerum Hill Civic Association.

“It’s a not-so-quiet way to lay groundwork for a 2013 mayoral run, but Stringer’s office said he’s simply working on issues that often resonate throughout New York City,” City & State wrote.

Notably absent from the meeting was Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, who himself was considered a candidate for the 2013 elections, but backed out amid conflict-of-interest controversy earlier this year. However, Markowitz has made no official statement on the matter, and, perhaps feeling slighted by the group for inviting Manhattan’s beep onto his territory, did not send his usual representative to the meeting.

It wasn’t the week’s only display of political jockeying ahead of upcoming elections, either. But we’ll tell you all about those soon…