Video: Malignaggi Slams Competion While Swimming in Sicily

(WARNING: Language in video is NSFW)
In the above video, Bensonhurst boxer Paulie Malignaggi talks some major trash about rival Devon Alexander and Alexander’s trainer/manager Kevin Cunningham while swimming in the warm Mediterranean waters of Sicily.

The video, which was uploaded to Youtube by fellow boxer and swimming partner Phil Lo Greco, apparently made sportswriter Scott Christ’s day.


Malignaggi sounds like an insane person, which I find amusing. This  is like some crazed Joe Pesci character, and the fact that he’s swimming  the entire time he’s going on this profane rant just makes it even more  fantastic.
This whole thing here, of course, started in January when Malignaggi  ripped Alexander for quitting against Timothy Bradley, after having  previously felt slighted by Alexander for one reason or another. Now,  after a questionable win over Lucas Matthysse on Saturday, Alexander is  moving to 147 pounds, and his trainer/manager Cunningham called out  Malignaggi with a few insults. This is Paulie’s response. Could it have  possibly been any better? I argue probably not.