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Video: How One Comedian Weathers Nemo With “Bread & Milk”


Vic DiBiteto is clearly a victim of the media hype surrounding Nemo – which, by the way, is a name bestowed by The Weather Channel, not the National Weather Service, which doles out the real names, and never to winter storms.

Anyway, Vic, a comedian and former performer at the much-missed Pips, needs to get his bread and milk before the flurries start falling.

Have you picked up your bread and milk?

Thanks to Ann H. for pointing this out to us on Facebook.

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  1. Reopen Pips! We don’t need a Greek restaurant there that’s so expensive that they charged me the other day for looking at the food through the window.

    The place is so expensive that they cook with Perrier….

    I’m a little short on the expensive jokes….Cheap humor is more my thing.

  2. First of all, you do need that Greek restaurant. Not only are they yummy, but they support local news – which you do need.

    However, Pips was not where Yiasou’s is. Pips was next door, where Mambo Sushi was. However, Mambo closed down due to Sandy and does not appear to be coming back.

  3. The zaniest Nemo-prep I saw were the gas lines at the three Knapp Street gas stations near the former Burglar King hamburger headquarters on Thursday night around 11 p.m. Do we really need to have a full tank of gasoline before every snowfall or north’easterner? Bad lessons from Sandy.

  4. hey i was just kidding, i support all the local restaurants, I just looked up my records and boy do I support them, i’m the jockstrap of the neighborhood. geez, tough crowd, pick out the ones you like, I’ll tell ’em over again…. you’re right, pips was next door, don’t lecture me you young snapperwhipper.


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