Reality Show “Brooklyn 11223” Has Local Pols Speaking Out [UPDATED]

Above is a video Colin Campbell put together for the Politicker from last Friday’s press conference against Brooklyn 11223. It features State Senator Diane Savino, Counciman Vincent Gentile, women business owners/community leaders Jennifer Abad, Bina Valenzano, and Karen Tadross, as well as Marty Markowitz’s chief policy adviser and Bensonhurst native Carlo Scissura.

Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny, who had spoken out against Russian-American stereotyping on Lifetime reality show Russian Dolls, can be seen in the background.

From Politicker:

”There seems to be a prevalence among some of the producers in Hollywood to consistently target Italian-American women, and portray us in the most negative light,” (Senator Savino) told The Politicker before she took the stage. “And what’s even more distressing is Italian-American women are participating in this.”
“The American public has been almost conditioned to believe Italian-Americans are all either stupid, loveable characters like Joey on ‘Friends,’ or we’re mobsters like we are on ‘The Sopranos,’ or we’re basically young women who have no morals and are willing to degrade ourselves in public,” she continued. “It’s enough.”