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Video: Fidler Says Opponent Has Ties To White Supremacists


Half a week in, and the race to replace former State Senator Carl Kruger is already getting dirty.

Since the campaigns officially kicked off on Monday, City Councilman Lew Fidler and Republican opponent David Storobin have been trading barbs. Storobin is lambasting Fidler for being a Democratic insider whose interests align more with the Manhattan elite.

“I understand that Lew Fidler’s radical progressive base lives far outside our district, and that he finds it impossible to get local support, but it is time to start campaigning in southern Brooklyn,” Storobin said in a release. Aside from Fidler launching his campaign on the steps of City Hall – you know, the one in Manhattan – Storobin’s campaign pointed out that the Democratic councilman is also holding a fundraiser in the inner-borough this evening.

Fidler is giving at least as good as he’s getting, though. At a meeting of the Brooklyn Young Democrats at Wheeler’s (1707 Sheepshead Bay Road) last night, Fidler gave a pep rally-style speech in which he slammed his opponent for his lack of accomplishments in the district, and possible ties to white supremacists.

“The Republicans in the State Senate are going to drop a half a million dollars behind some guy who I laid eyes on for the first time tonight – first time, I go to a lot of meetings and [this was the] first time I ever saw David Storobin – a guy who can’t even fess up to what he writes on his web pages anymore and is busy scrubbing what little history he has because he’s embarrassed about his ties to skinheads and neo-Nazi groups and white supremacist groups because the Republicans had no idea who they were putting on the ballot,” Fidler told the Young Democrats.

Fidler was referring to recent revelations that, while editor-in-chief of an online publication called Global Politician, Storobin wrote numerous pieces (such as one uncritical post on the Afrikaner Independence Movement, which advocates for an autonomous state in South Africa to advance white Afrikaner interests) that were linked on white supremacist hate sites. Global Politician has since removed Storobin’s articles, and the candidate has yet to comment on the issue.

But, according to Fidler, this race is bigger than the two candidates. It’s a race to disprove the increasingly dominant narrative that Southern Brooklyn is beginning to slide Republican – the oft-mentioned explanation for Republican Bob Turner’s Congressional win in last year’s special election to replace Anthony Weiner.

“What’s coming on March 20 is a lot more important than me,” Fidler said. “If I lose this race, [the Republicans are] coming for Steve Cymbrowitz, Helene Weinstein, Bill Colton and Alec Brook-Krasny and every single one of us here in Southern Brooklyn.

“This election is going to make a big difference. This is where we draw the line in the sand. This is where we break up the firewall,” he added. “They are not going to turn Brooklyn red.”

Earlier in the night, David Storobin attended the Manhattan Beach Community Group meeting – the same meeting Fidler refers to above – where he delivered the following statement about his background.

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  1. If Fidler’s claims of Storobin’s ties to racists can be verified, the Brooklyn GOP has to dump this guy immediately.

  2. I might be overstepping, but I don’t think Fidler or anyone else thinks Storobin has real ties to white supremacist groups – as in is a member of such a group or coordinates with them in any way. But the implication is that his writings were of the tone and content that such groups are sympathetic to, thus the linking. It’s hard to independently confirm or refute such an implication when all of his articles have been removed. 

  3. So who is going to pay $250-$1000 to support him at the Woolworth Building today?
    Anyone going to the Apollo tonight? Just a bit more expensive. LOL 

  4. Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn
    March 11 2011 article is interesting. Article by Dagny Taggart Mentions Bites too.

  5. I don’t think it is misleading at all. He accurately encapsulated in the headline the exact crux of what was stated, plus it underscores just how much affection these two candidates have for one another. It is a very good headline.

  6. I was inclined to vote for Fiedler, even as a conservative. But to make such unfounded and libelous allegations means he is not better than the hack I hoped he wasn’t. He is anohter hack, looking to keep him and his(hey, there, Millenium, let’s get Lew in there for more state and city funding, and Vito Lopez forever!)

    This state is broke. If Fiedler wants to talk about this he had best be ready to discuss his family member’s jobs with Millenium and it’s government subsidies, and where he stands on Vito Lopez robbing the state and city treasuries. The idea that our local government is a piggy bank for pigs stealing us all blind scares me a lot more than Republicans.

  7. To clarify: Fiedler is the long-dead former conductor emeritus of the Boston Pops Orchestra. Fidler  is the New York City Councilman. Perhaps you have the two mixed up?

  8. And for the record, not one member of my family is employed. My wife currently does not work and my kids are both full time students. Talk about unsubstantiated allegations.
    As to my allegations, please see the Crain’s Insider piece substantiating these allegations…or Ned’s comment which explains them.
    Be fair.

    Lew from Brooklyn

  9. “post on the Afrikaner Independence Movement, which advocates for an autonomous state in South Africa to advance white Afrikaner interests”
    This doesn’t seem accurate. He didn’t write the post. He interviewed an Afrikaner separatist without attacking him. It was open ended questions, not actual support for the movement.

  10. I like Lew but if he wants to talk about real reform he should start with his own cb 18 and the employees there.  

  11. The usual. Try to suppress the other side totally with racism charges. Or else slogans. “They’re racist”. “They’re trying to take away our social security”. Blah blah blah. If this is all they have to run on (in addition to just promising to bribe voters outright), I have confidence in the intelligence of the American people that indeed things will slide Republican eventually

  12. Hey, you’re right! I didn’t recognize the name at first (I looked him up on YouTube), but he was definitely as ubiquitous as Martin Balsam, the other guy who appeared in Just About Everything.

  13. hey, come to think of it, Balsam and Fiedler resembled each other in a very general way…. A friend of mine ran into John Fiedler in a bookstore, I think in the 80’s….

  14. Below is an interview by the New York Times with a Hamas leader. They
    too asked open-ended questions. There are links from Hamas and other
    extremists to this article. Does that mean that NY Times is a bunch of
    Hamas-loving terrorists?

    Democrats need to stop playing these games. Every year they try to scare the local Jewish population with charges of anti-Semitism, this time, comically, against a Jewish candidate.

  15. I pray that things will merely slide to common sense eventually, but I sadly lack your confidence this will ever come to fruition. Negative campaigning especially, on the part of both parties, I feel can easily turn a frustrated Democrat or Republican into an Independent or, worse yet, a non-voter altogether. Call me an idealist, but accusations, attacks, and finger-pointing are so tiresome and unbecoming to all candidates. This is not to knock the two running for the 27th Senate District. It’s just a disheartening factor in the world of politics today, in general, and it’s not something that is exclusive to any one party.

  16. Dude, leave my family out of it. I didn’t bring them up. My wife worked plenty as a retaiul accountant and substitute teacher. Both of my sons are full time students and work during their summer breaks. I work two jobs and am waiting for my Republican opponent to criticize me for it despite the fact that I show up at my government job as I should and also show up at meetings in my community consistently.
    Save the nasty pot shots for me. I am proud of my wife and kids, but they have nothing to do with this point.

    Lew from Brooklyn
    PS My wife also worked plenty as the mother of two wonderful children. Just saying.

  17. ….and dare I say, I believe he guest starred on an original Star Trek episode if I am not mistaken.
    Lew from Brooklyn

  18. From the perspective of a candidate hoping to win a primary election, I would think so. I think candidates would do better to focus on community issues and not toe the line of the party to which they have sworn their undying loyalty, because it makes the election that much more divisive and not necessarily in the favor of either candidate.

  19. It seems that you have forgotten attacks against David Weprin (hint: he’s Jewish) during a special election for NY-9.
    I can repeat your quote about games word for word, just substitute “Democrats” with “Republicans”.

  20. You smeared your opponent as a Nazi because he did an interview as a journalist, and now you want us to feel bad for you that are imagining that some time in the future he may say something bad about you?

    When he smears you, then we’ll attack him. But right now, you are the one who engaged in below-the-belt smears, and the fair thing to do right now would be to blast you for it.

  21. Fidler is as dirty as Kruger….if you notice, nobody is even listening…..Bobby Kennedy. that in itself is a reason to vote for Storobin 

  22. Weiner, Kruger, next is Golden and Fidler, Wait till the Atlantic Yard hammer drops on these guys…..This is why Marty Golden is not supporting Storobin, they want to keep it all in their own little circle.

  23. Hey, Dr. Cooper, I could understand if you’re sarcasm detector was a bit off a little bit better if it weren’t for the fact I used the word “sarcasm” in my prior comment.

  24. Okay.  So. I don’t know who you are, David Storobin.  Don’t know where you come from or how you fit in to my neighborhood, but I’ve known Lew Fidler for years.  He is a wonderful, down-to-earth, honest man who I would be proud and honored to replace Carl Kruger.  Whether or not it’s true about your White Supremacist ties, I don’t know.  What I do know is people in the South Brooklyn area would be very lucky to have a wonderful man as Councilman Fidler in their corner.

  25. Lew-

    Very good. Hope your family is well. Sorry to have misspelled you name. Was thinking of NFL QB Jay Fielder.
     3 important things-

    Are you going to oppose Vito Lopez and his ongoing theft with nebulous social service agencies , or are you going to Albany to keep The Party going? Because OUR TAX DOLLARS are being wasted by this hack POS.NY State is basically broke.  If you are trying to go to the state Senate to oppose that nonsense, to end the hackery, you may have my vote. if you aren’t… 
    Also, as to the new development next to Toys R Us off Flatbush-where do you stand? Because the Belt, between construction(and not at Plum Beach; we’ll wait until you need a boat to go east) and the new casino traffic, is already over capacity.  

    And as to Millemnium, it and other “social services agencies” waste millions with Accessride. Here is a recent well-researched article about waste and fraud whih seems endemic in NY. You might recall your GOP colleague Eric Ulirch of Rockaway became your colleague because his Dem opponent refused to discuss her involvement in a very similar outfit to Millenium running Access-a-rides. Are you going to stop this or are you a go along, get along guy? It’s bad enough the left lane of the Blet is clogged with  Access-A-Ride vans doing 40 with one passeheger, but to know we’re getting ripped off is worse 

    If you campaign is going to be about improving south Brooklyn and cutting the crap that is Albany’s addiction to hack programs disguised as “social services”, that might be a campaign we can support. If instead you are going to demonize your Jewish opponent as a skinhead, not so much.

  26. I disagree with your comment that the fact the writings have been removed “says plenty”. It’s more likely that they were removed so Global Politician doesn’t get in the middle of a conflict. As for Lew Fidler, I pray to G-d that folks open their eyes to the fact that he, Fidler, still has not returned some $88,550 in campaign money from his 2009 campaign!! He won it by 81%, and was asked to retuirn the money to taxpayers, but still has not. In my eyes, he is in the same league as Carl Kruger, a crook! Need proof? Look at two Daily News Editorials…Nov. 8, 2009, ‘Fidler on the hook’ and Sept. 11, 2010, ‘Stop the money grabs.’ Open your eyes to the truth!!!

  27. Yes, Lew’s two kids are full-time students–partially paid for with the $88,550 he still has not returned to taxpayers, since 2009. Lew knows how to ‘work the system,’ says the Daily News editorial of September 11, 2010, Stop the money grabs.’ Check it out, folks.  
    All incumbents out.

  28. Yes, he is, AND let us not forget that Lew Fidler was endorsed by none other than corrupt Vito Lopez, who is, at this time, being investigated by the federal government.

  29. Being a ‘non-voter’ is absolute craziness. Every vote counts. Vote for the less crooked politician, and that is not Fidler! He is too comfortable in his politician’s den. We need new untainted blood.

  30. Someone please get a BS detetctor here. The campaign returned about $10,000 that remain unused. All other funds that were LAWFULLY paid upon RULING of the NYC Campaign Finance Board were then audited and were in fact LAWFULLY used for LEGITIMATE campaign expenses. NONE of it went to Lew Fidler’s pocket.

  31. Bugg,

    For the record: I have openly (and loudly) opposed my County Leader (and the County Leader before this one too) when I thought he was wrong. Suggest you check with bloggers on sites like Daily Gotham so that you don’t have to take my word for it.

    At my Community Board meeting, CB18 voted to approve the reduced development on Flatbush Avenue subject to numerous recommendations and conditions. I have promised to support that recommendation and fight for the terms and conditions.

    Millenium Development does not do Access a Ride. MDC receives the vast majority of its funding by winning numerous competitive bidding processes called “RFP’s” which are awarded by the Bloomberg Adminstration based upon the merit of their work.

    I am a better elected official than either Jay Fiedler was a QB or for that matter than Vern Fiddler is an NHL forward.

    Thought you were entitled to those factual replies.
    Lew from Brooklyn

  32. So we should elect a [person who has no problem with white supremacy movements and undoubtedly has a number of other views that he doesn’t want us to know about.

    Storobin was the EDITOR of Global Politician.

  33. Fair enough.

    Would rather hear you intend to end the hackery. I’m not hearing that. making a show of “opposing” Vitro Lopez is not the same as opposing him. You can make safe votes. You can massage the edges of bills. But I’m not hearing you are adamantly opposed to Lopez. heck, you won’t even name him.

    Are you going to do anything to stop Access A Ride? it’s an out-of-control program in an out-of-control bureaucracy that is the MTA. It’s one thing for grandma to go to the doctor, quite another to have metahdone addicts classified as disabled to go shopping on our dime.

    Frankly unless and until the Plumb Beach site is reinforced any development along the Belt is asking for trouble. And while you are no better nor worse than any other pol on this, it’s disconcerting that no one seems to grasp we are playing with …water. At high tide Jamaica Bay is sometimes less than 10 feet from the eastbound right lane. Instead we get more development on top of the Agueduct casino. That makes no sense. One bad noreaster and it won’t be passable.  

    Thanks for repsonding.

  34. He isn’t the editor now. He was the editor years ago. In any event, whether it’s the magazine that didn’t want to be a part of this mud-slinging campaign or the candidate who didn’t want every one of his words twisted, it is not proof that he has “no problem with white supremacy”.

    It’s hard to believe that a Jew has no problem with neo-Nazis. That he interviewed someone means nothing. Interviewing someone and supporting them is very different. When Ned quotes Charlie Barron on this blog, it doesn’t mean that he’s a supporter, does it?

    Arguing that any journalist who interviews an extremist must be an extremist himself is preposterous.

  35. David Storobin has had close connections to extremists locally, including within the current boundaries of the 27th State Senate District. In June and July 2010, there were a series of very ugly confrontations involving a proposed “mosque” (Islamic Cultural Center) at a site at 2812 Voorhies Avenue. In attendance at some of those confrontations was a notable figure in opposition to that proposed cultural center, Dr. John K. Press. At the time, Dr. Press, who lived in Manhattan had been put up as president of the Brooklyn Tea Party by the current Republican candidate for State Senate, David Storobin, and at least one of his current key supporters in the state senate district.
    In the middle of the flap over the Sheepshead Bay mosque, there was an interview of Dr. John K. Press on the July 24, 2010 episode of the Brooklyn GOP Blog Radio Show, “Movers and Shakers…” (the Dr. Press interview started at about the 30 min. point of the program). The questioning and significant commentary during the blogcast were by two of David Storobin’s most vocal local supporters, Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo, who incidently are key operatives of Brooklyn Republican Leader Craig Eaton. Throughout the program Berardelli and Gallo expressed a strong support for Press’ views, which “the doctor” called “Culturism” but which most contemporary observers would refer to as racism, bigotry or anti-Islamic phobia. Gene Berardelli specifically said, “Dr. Press, we’re really glad you are leading this movement….[and about Dr. Press] this is the kind of mover and shaker that we need here in Brooklyn…”
    On that program Dr. Press announced a meeting the very next day of the Brooklyn Tea Party at 2:00PM July 25, 2010 at Kosher Hut, 709 Kings Highway. It is believed that David Storobin and several of his current supporters attended that meeting and several other meetings conducted by Dr. Press at that location.
    Some of Mr. Storobin’s personal statements about “the Sheepshead Bay mosque” can be viewed at: David Storobin Vice Chair of the Brooklyn …

  36. But Fidler has $88,550 of Campaign money from 2009 that he has not returned. 
    Mr. Fidler has saaid that his opponent has ties to White Supremicists. He, Mr. Fidler, has ties to dishonest Vito Lopez and other corrupt politicans. Sour-puss (in my opinion) Mr. Lopez is the one who initially endorsed Fidler.


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