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Video: Fidler Promises To Do “Very Best” To Keep Public’s Trust


It’s not every day that you see a politician get up before an audience and, totally unprovoked, declare himself a clean man. But, on Wednesday night, he came before the 61st Precinct Community Council and delivered the above statement in which he did just that. Furthermore, he called the actions of former State Senator Carl Kruger – whose seat Fidler will formally announce his candidacy for on Monday – “despicable.”

Here’s the nut of his statement:

I just want to promise you that going forward I will do my very best to remember and to keep the trust that you placed in me 10 years ago that you will never have to doubt that whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it because I believe in it, because I’m telling you the truth, because I’m fighting for what I think is for the betterment of the people that I represent … I see Senator Golden in the back of the room as well. We try. And I want to promise you that I will continue to try … to be honest.


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  1. I am not reading the article. Anyone running for anything that would have dental packages repairing teeth as opposed to pulling would impress me. I guess being able to chew food is not important because a poor slob can swallow it whole.

  2. And medical insurances that do not pick up the slack when there is a change in applications, People go without long term meds and it could be life altering. 

  3. Why is it that Lew is too sick to do anything except run for office and support criminals like Kruger and the other jerk who groped his email employees? Lew is a creep!


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