VIDEO: “Brooklyn We Had It All” Full Length Version

If it seemed like the “Memories of Brooklyn” video we posted last Tuesday ended a bit abruptly, that’s because it was merely a shortened version of the original.

The video is actually named Brooklyn We Had It All. Its author Lou Rizzo was kind enough to reach out to Bensonhurst Bean and offer us the original full length version, which he posted on YouTube late last night.

“I originally did it to show the youngsters of this generation how simple life was,” Rizzo told Bensonhurst Bean. “How we didn’t need today’s technology to have a good time and how we had everything we needed right in front of us. No need to leave Brooklyn…”

Sharing this video with the world via the internet is a clever move on Lou’s part. He uses today’s information age technology like a Trojan Horse, showing us in music and images how, in so many ways, we were happier without it.

The above video, created by Lou Rizzo, is dedicated to his cousin Susan Pugliese, who, in Lou’s words, “taught me more about life through example than any book, school or teacher could ever have.”Enjoy!


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