Video: Brooklyn Biketrain Attracts New Riders

Video: Brooklyn Biketrain Attracts New Riders

By Irina Ivanova

Friday saw a surge of two-wheelers on the road to Manhattan as cyclists came out of hibernation for Bike to Work Day and the Fort Greene biketrain roared back into action.

“The last time I saw so many people was after Hurricane Sandy,” said Jack De Stefano, who regularly rides from Clinton Hill to his Manhattan job in the East 40s.

The biketrain is an informal group of commuters who ride from Red Lantern Bicycles to Midtown, usually on Thursdays. The group aims to get newbie cyclists comfortable by surrounding them with experienced riders. Friday’s group numbered twelve cyclists — first-time commuters as well as long-time riders who had never biketrained.

Ride along with them in our video and check for a biketrain near you.