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Video: Attorney Explains Why Sunoco Will Eliminate Service Station For 24/7 Convenience Store


We reported last week that the Sunoco gas station at 2701 Knapp Street is proposing to shutter its automotive service station and replace it with a new 24-hour convenience store.

In the video above, the owner’s attorney Eric Palatnik elaborated on the business’ needs to make the switch, saying that service station revenue has been dwindling nationwide, while convenience stores have been popping up in their place. Following his presentation, Community Board 15 voted to approve the proposal.

Palatnik adds in the video that the gas station will remain open, though they will be filing with the Department of Environmental Protection to replace the underground storage tank.

We called the service station this morning to ask if, when and where they would be moving, but the owner wasn’t on site. His nephew said he did not know of any current plans to replace the service station with a convenience store.

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  1. I spoke to someone in the station the other day, and he said that the info here is wrong. They are fine and not going anywhere.

  2. My guess is that the landlord hasn’t told them – probably waiting for full approval from the BSA. We didn’t intend to deliver the bad news, but I can’t see this not happening after they spent money on attorneys, architects, engineers, etc.

  3. Can you imagine the fight that ensued after with the landlord and the shop owner? Sheesh!

  4. Didn’t sunoco’s parent company just get taken over, file for bankruptcy, or go kaput? Seemed to have read something like that in the new York times, recently. Just wondering. I use to gas up my Chevy there. By the way, anyone know what’s going on with that shell station further up the road?

  5. It’s still going strong.  Owned by that Greek guy who rips everyone off.  I used to go to him many years ago, but stopped because I met the mechanics at Sunoco, who have always treated me well and not like an idiot.  The guy at Shell is a liar and a thief – very abusive to his patrons.

  6. Check out Palatnik. He seems to be the lawyer for everyone who wants to get variances from the BSA. He must know the members of the BSA very well

  7. What I don’t understand is that the landlord is complaining that car mechanics can’t make a living and need to be replaced by convenience stores, so why isn’t the mechanic complaining that he doesn’t have the business to survive?  

    It seems to me they want to make the switch because they can command much more rent from a convenience store which might even fail since it has to compete with 7-11 across the street.  Then what are we left with? The gas station closing? Meanwhile the mechanic needs to find a new location to do business or retire and his customers having to find a new mechanic.  Who is being served here other than the landlord? 


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