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Video: Anthony Bourdain Stops By Roll-N-Roaster


Renowned chef, author, and Travel Channel superstar Anthony Bourdain is wrapping up his 50th tour of Planet Earth by landing in Sheepshead Bay.

The Travel Channel just released a preview of the hotly anticipated No Reservations series finale by showing Anthony ordering extra “cheez” for his roast beef sandwich at Roll-N-Roaster (2901 Emmons Avenue).

The clip captures the running gag of New Jersey-born and Manhattan-based Bourdain’s complete ignorance of Brooklyn cuisine, a theme visited many times in the series’ run.

As we reported this June, Bourdain filmed the last scene of the soon to be last episode of the show at Jay and Lloyds at 2718 Avenue U.

Bourdain is famous for visiting every obscure culinary hotspot, from Paris to Mozambique, so as a fan, I admit it’s always exciting to see Bourdain land at a restaurant you’ve actually been too. In fact, its a thrill I’ve personally only gotten to experience once before, during this last season, when Anthony hit Harry’s Cafe de Wheels Famous in Sydney, Australia, an excellent little hot dog and meat pie stand I frequented often in a recent trip.

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  1. How did nobody tell me this was happening? Bourdain, mere blocks from my home, eating RnR?

    I know, I know, Sheepshead Bay was already awesome, but in my mind something just clicked that says I’m never leaving.

    And I haven’t been in Jay and Lloyds in ages, but I remember how much I loved their hotdogs and pastrami. Can’t wait for the full episode.

  2. Seriously, I missed the chance to meet him at the Googa Mooga fest over the summer but this is literally 4 short blocks from me and I would have been there in a heartbeat. Maybe he’ll like it enough to come back one day!

  3. “some call it cheese”

    I used to work across the street in the fish and chips place. The manager would give me an empty Arthur Treacher”s bag so I could go out and get us something to eat.

  4. This episode, “Brooklyn,” will air Nov. 5th
    I had to check since I’ve stopped watching the show after the Cajun Country episode in season 7. This one I’ll set my DVR to record.

  5. Wow how did I miss this one? Would have loved to be there. I never miss his show. He is a great cook. I am glad it will air soon. I will DVR is also. I can’t believe this Bourdain in Sheepshead Bay? Our neighborhood will be even more famous the history that we have goes back to the 1600’s.

  6. I wish that i had known also. I would have gone over and spent some money on pizza, roast beef and corn fritters!


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