Victory At Bassett Deli: Sign Confusion Cleared Up

Bassetts Deli and Caterers in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
It's a miracle! Common sense prevails in DOT sign changes at Bassett Deli

Way back in October we told you about the bad sign situation in front of Bassett Deli and Caterers on Avenue X and East 14th Street. At the time, the “Stop Sign Ahead” caution blocked the “Alternate Side Parking” sign, causing many customers to become victims of the city’s agressive ticket policies. Police stalked the intersection, waiting for unwitting violators.

Well, no longer. Local drivers and customers at Bassett Deli and Caterers won’t be victimized by this ghost sign anymore.

Early Thanksgiving week, workers from the Department of Transportation arrived to make adjustments. According to Frank Bassett, owner of the neighborhood institution, DOT sought to swap their positions, so the alternate side parking sign blocked the stop sign ahead. But an employee of the deli with a little more common sense came out and suggested that they put both signs on one post. In an amazing instance of bureaucratic clarity, they listened! They’ve removed one pole entirely, and both signs are finally equally visible.

As good as this news is, the change is not enough. The current hours scheduled for street sweeping still hurts business for Bassett as the sweeping occurs during the lunch rush. Bassett says they still expect to have quiet Wednesdays so long as the city continues street sweeping at that time.

“It’s the availability of parking around here. It’s terrible,” Bassett said.

Though the confusion will be eased with the new sign placement, he’s doesn’t expect much change in the midweek pattern.

“Wednesdays are Wednesdays,” he said.

Considering the low traffic and population on Avenue X in that area, the very need for street sweeping is called into question. After all, we’ve seen how ineffective it is anyway.

(With additional reporting by Ned Berke)