Verrazano Bridge To Be Re-Painted

photo credit: Colleen Murphy

Yesterday, our sister site Sheepshead Bites reported that the Verrazano Bridge is undergoing a paint job. The longest suspension bridge in the Americas will be getting three, count ’em three, new coats of paint.

Currently, the bridge’s legs- called stanchions, are being covered with ‘booties’- as Courier Life calls them. The coverings are to prevent the lead paint, that’s being scraped off in preparation for painting, from hitting the water.

Sheepshead Bites also points out that the contractor is stationing barges near the bridge, which is, coincidentally, also right near that mother load of 1,500 unexploded munitions the Coast Guard keeps saying is so dangerous and only one person in government seems to want removed.

The combination of both obstacles could make navigating the Narrows more difficult for both mega-sized cruise ships and smaller pleasure craft alike. Good times!