Verrazano Toll Booth Worker Swindled $7,500 From MTA

Source: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York via Wikimedia Commons

A 22-year-old probationary bridge and tunnel officer stands accused of taking $7,500 of toll booth money from hundreds of drivers.

The scammer took in a $13 toll for cars crossing the bridge but registered them as motorcycles, which pay only $5.50.

So how did he get caught? The high-tech tolls count the axles of each passing vehicle. After too many numbers didn’t add up between the numbers of cars and the fees collected, the toll booths were audited.

“MTA Bridges and Tunnels is extremely vigilant when it comes to tracking toll revenue. We have a system in place that closely monitors daily collections for each individual. We also strongly stress during training that anyone suspected of stealing tolls will be fully prosecuted,” said Bridges and Tunnels Chief Security Officer Donald Look to

The worker was arrested and charged with fifth-degree grand larceny, 34 counts of first-degree falsifying business records, and a single count of official misconduct. He will have to stand trial and possibly reimburse MTA Bridges and Tunnels for the total he skimmed.


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