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Verrazano Bridge Toll Hike Set For March 3

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Last week we reported on Dominic Cenatiempo’s quest to fight the impending plan set by the MTA to hike the toll on the Verrazano Bridge to an even $15. Despite Dominic’s efforts, and others equally outraged by the increasing cost of commuting around the city, the MTA is moving ahead with all of their fare increases on March 3, according to a report by SI Live.

The $15 fare, which represents a $2 increase, is for cash paying motorists only. E-ZPass users in Staten Island will also see a hike from $5.76 to $6.36 for their first two round trips before it rounds off to $6 for all subsequent monthly crossings.

E-ZPass commuters not hailing from Staten Island will see their Verrazano fare rise from $9.60 to $10.66.

The sadness felt by Verrazano commuters will probably be shared by all New Yorkers come March 3 as practically every MTA related travel expense will rise. SI Live laid out all the details:

Bus and subway riders will also be paying more: The base fare for bus and subway rides will rise a quarter to $2.50. The cost for express bus rides will rise 50 cents to an even $6.

More details:

  • The seven day Express Bus Plus MetroCard will cost $55.
  • The seven-day regular unlimited MetroCard will rise to $30.
  • The 30-day regular unlimited MetroCard jumps to $112.
  • Single-ride tickets, only sold at vending machines, will cost $2.75.
  • A bonus of 5 percent is added to MetroCards with purchases of $5 or more.

There is a new fee of $1 for the purchase of MetroCards, but there are exceptions for cards purchased at out-of-system vendors and for seniors.

For the full list of hair pulling price hikes, you can visit the MTA’s breakdown of the new prices by clicking here.

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  1. Just for your information the CORECT spelling is Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. As with the Throggs Neck and Queensborough bridges the TBTA and NYCDOT left off letters to save money.

  2. Ah, just one of those frustrating editorial decisions we must make. The explorer’s name is Verrazzano, yes. But shouldn’t we go with the agencies who own and operate the bridge? Or what the bridge is commonly known as? I don’t know. Perhaps this is something we will poll readers on in the future.

  3. The MTA gets too much of my income in Metrocard fares for my commute. My workaround for the V-N Bridge has been to go to Jersey via Manhattan, over the Manhattan Bridge and Holland Tunnel. I take the Goethals and V-N on the way home. It adds a little time, but takes me to places in Jersey with excellent gas prices, and ultimately only costs me one toll (EZ-Pass, with car-pool discount). I’ve done the math, and the added gas still costs less than going through Staten Island.

  4. Seriously!? So you’re OK with us being more and more “casual” with spelling?!

    Why bother with a little thing like accuracy right?

    That’s ludicrous! And it’s just another example of why we’re getting “dumber” in this society every day.

  5. What we need is a super size ferry that can carry 1000 cars and trucks from Jamaica Bay to Raritan Bay NJ. even if it cost $20 you would still come out ahead


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