Vermont’s Consider Bardwell Farm Comes To PS 154 Greenmarket

Vermont’s Consider Bardwell Farm Comes To PS 154 Greenmarket
Consider Bardwell Farm via Flickr

The community surrounding PS 154 is in its second season of being able to shop locally from farmers, but neighbors here have not had access to a farm from Vermont. This weekend that changes as Consider Bardwell Farm, with its cult following in the locavore and fresh food movements, brings its artisanal cheeses to Windsor Terrace on Sunday.

Consider Bardwell Farm’s 300 acres span Vermont’s Champlain Valley. As Vermont’s first cheese-making co-op, launched in 1864, today’s goat and cow herds still graze on grass pastures free of pesticide and fertilizers. While this legacy makes it a darling of food culture enthusiasts, its cult status derives from the cheese it produces. In fact, the farm’s Head Cheesemaker Chris Gray will appear at this month’s “Cheesemaker Royale” event at Formaggio Kitchen. (The food competition is pitted as Vermont vs. New York).

The farm has six varieties of artesian cheese, including Rupert and Pawlet, both created with aged, raw Jersey chow milk. However, it also has a Danby — a dense, white sharp — that is only available October through May. Made in small batches and aged in an extensive system of caves throughout the farm, Consider Bardwell Farm shares its cheese-making process on its Flickr feed. However, fan photos of its cheeses are often shared, tweeted and “liked” across many social media platforms.

It remains to be seen what Windsor Terrace residents and market shoppers will share through their social media feed about the farm’s cheese when it debuts on October 6, but as October is National Cheese Month users can try #AmCheeseMonth and #considerbardwell.

Consider Bardwell Farm make its appearance in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn on Sunday, October 6 at the Windsor Terrace PS 154 Greenmarket. This seasonal market, on 11th avenue between Sherman & Windsor Place, runs from 9am to 3pm, May through December.

Photo via Consider Bardwell Farm


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