Verizon Wireless Shop Changes Owners

We all know how much our readers love hearing about Sheepshead Bay’s cellphone stores. So we’re absolutely giddy to pass on this groundbreaking story: as of this past Monday, February 1, the Verizon Wireless – Paging Zone Premium Retailer at 1517 Sheepshead Bay Road is under new management.

Igor Budiyanskiy and Dima Meksin bought the business from Gary Vugman and are promising customers “lower prices and a better customer service experience.” Budiyanskiy lives in Sheepshead Bay, and the two have been operating another Verizon Wireless location at 159 Bedford Avenue.

Okay, okay, so it’s not earth shattering. But it’s always good to hear that the area is getting some fresh blood (especially when it means a new cell phone shop isn’t opening). Best of luck to the new owners.