Vandals Strike Monica’s Bridal On Sheepshead Bay Rd

Two vandals struck Monica’s Bridal at 1637 Sheepshead Bay Road, ripping out one of the store’s solid brass light fixtures and destroying two others.

The incident occurred at approximately 4:00 a.m. Monday, dealing out approximately $1,000 worth of damage, the store’s owner told Sheepshead Bites.

But the thugs weren’t all that bright. Located just feet away from one of the light fixtures was a surveillance camera, which snagged a clear photo of the vandals’ mug. Having recognized at least one of the men, Monica’s is working with the perp’s employer to confront him about paying for the damage rather than going to the police.

The disrespect from another resident is a shame. Not only is Monica’s a true family-owned business, having been handed down through three generations since the 1980s, its storefront one of the finer examples of architecture that respects its surroundings. Reconstructed in 2008, Monica’s glitzed up facade does such a good job of conjuring up an earlier era of architecture that even the often-spot-on Kevin Walsh of Forgotten NY mixed it up, saying that at one time it was “likely another theatre, or was it possibly one of the old hotels?”


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