V-Day In The Bay – Last Minute Ideas

First of all, go and hit play on that video, so the music plays as your read. Supposedly, it’s written by a Sheepshead Bay native, though we can’t confirm that.

Ah, that’s better. Now, are you just reading and realized you haven’t gone out and bought anything for your valentine?  Or did you completely screw up, and forget to make plans?

Fortunately, Sheepshead Bites is here to rescue you.

Lets start with the obvious – flowers.  Walk along Sheepshead Bay Road.  Past the B/Q train station.  Many bodegas along the street have roses and other varieties of flowers in front of their shops.  If you’re at work and want to put a call in for a delivery, here’s a list of Sheepshead Bay-area florists you can give a ring. Sure, you’ll pay a premium as distributors infamously jack up costs, but flowers rarely fail on a day like today.

If you’re looking to buy chocolate, CVS is a no-brainer. There’s also hand-crafted chocolates at Marine Park’s Jo-Mart (2917 Avenue R), but they may be facing quite the busy day today. Closer to the Bay, there are some “sweet” local businesses to turn to as alternatives. There’s always cupcakes from Cupcake Kings (1613 Voorhies Avenue), cookies from Jonathan’s Bakery (1424 Sheepshead Bay Road), or maybe take your boo out for some chocolate fondue at Arbuz (1706 Sheepshead Bay Road).

For more mature – and, maybe, lucky – adults, you can find inedible treats from KamaSutra at 1717 Sheepshead Bay Road. For those who are unaware or don’t remember our coverage last fall, KamaSutra is a lingerie and adult toy shop.  I bet there are plenty of fun Valentine’s Day delights within it.

As for the date itself? Take a romantic walk today or later on tonight. We’ve been blessed with a sunny, warm day – a long time since we’ve seen one – so being outside may be the perfect opportunity to turn cabin fever into, er, funky fever. Take your date around the bay and gaze at the swans, who dazzle visitors all year round. You can even impress your valentine with a knowledge bomb by pointing out that swans adapt to any temperature – whether it be 99 degrees, or single digit temperatures.

Speaking of single, if you’re single don’t sweat it.  This day is only 24 hours, and then it’ll be tomorrow before you know it.  Half price Valentine’s Day chocolate anyone?


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