New Utrecht Avenue Jmart Opening Soon


Just over a year ago, we wrote that Jmart’s bid on the old Waldbaums location in Bensonhurst was approved. As of this morning, the store looked almost finished, with shelving in place and the parking lot mostly cleared of garbage and ready for repaving.

We could not confirm the exact opening date with the company, but by the looks of it – it has got to be really soon.

Jmart close to open in Bensonhurst / BKLYNER

They were in the process of putting up bright red awnings, and power washing the brick walls of the parking lot. The parking lot looks like it is ready to be paved.

Powerwashing brick walls in the Jmart parking lot / BKLYNER

“We hope to open a supermarket that serves the entire community, which means there is going to be an Asian element,” said PC Cheng, one of the lawyers representing the supermarket’s owners last year.

Dubbed “cook’s paradise” by TimeOut, Jmart is a full-service supermarket that offers a wide selection of international food products with a focus on Asian cuisine, including from the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, China, and Japan.

Jmart is hiring / BKLYNER

Waldbaums, a Bensonhurst staple for 37 years, closed in November of 2015 as the result of  A&P’s bankruptcy filing in 2015, leaving 70 employees out of work. Jmart is hiring, and you can apply by calling 718-758-5975.

We’ll keep checking to get the open date. Stay tuned.

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  1. Why do we need Asian writing? I don’t mind ANOTHER Asian owned store but it is just a disgrace that we have to see Asian writing all over. 11th Ave is horrible don’t even know what kind of stores they are in most cases. I’m all for diversity but as a daughter of an immigrant all stores had English…my mom had to learn what they said…we are all welcome but English is what ALL should see. Conform…

  2. Interesting. However I think the bigger story is that after more than 300 years New Utrecht Ave seems to have been renamed to Utrecht Ave.

  3. Jmart is not willing to hire former Waldbaums cashiers and only hire their own people. Several past cashiers of Waldbaums have gone there for a job with 15 to 30 years of experience and were not hired. Jmart said they have their bilingual people. Shame on the people who are allowing it. You know who you are.

  4. Glad to know that ignorant angry people are still ignoring basic facts right in front of them. Complaining about signage being entirely in one language when every picture shows two languages displayed.

    I also don’t understand what’s the problem with them wanting employees who are bilingual. It’s not like waldbaums would hire any asian immigrants seeking jobs simply because they needed a job. That’s what the demand is right now. They are planning to provide a certain service and former waldbaums employees do not qualify because they can’t provide that service. Aim higher and stop being a cashier. Being a cashier is not a long lasting career and it should not an aspiration for an able bodied individual. Stop being annoyed at not finding another cashier position and use that energy to get a basic certification for a better job. It’s not like waldbaums was doing so great anyway. If they were, they would still be around.


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